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Periods after miscarriage, what's normal

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COCKadoodledooo Wed 31-Oct-12 22:22:39

Posted this under general health but no response so am asking again here please.

I had a mc at just over 11 weeks mid-June. It was described by the consultant as 'pretty nasty' (needed 3 litres of fluids during, more after, plus was taken to theatre for immediate middle of the night erpc when my blood pressure dropped to 80/39).
My first period came about 4 weeks after the initial blood loss stopped. Since then the longest gap between them has been 2.5 weeks, and last night I started my fourth in 6 weeks.
They're heavy, last 5 days to a week, painful and occasionally vomit-inducing. Constipation a few days before, the runs the day they start.
If this is normal following mc, how long until it gets better please?! If not, what can I do about it? I feel hideous. We're away on holiday atm and it's debilitating. I really don't feel up to doing anything today and that's after a nurofen/co-codamol/berocca cocktail!

teaandchocolate Wed 31-Oct-12 22:40:35

So sorry that you're going through this. To be brutally honest, it doesn't sound normal to me - not if your periods were nothing like this pre-mc. I've had 3 mc and my period usually takes ages to return but once they do they've pretty much been like they were before (although my cycles never 'normal' because I've got pcos).

I don't want to worry you - this is all just in my experience. Can you make an appointment with your consultant and get them to check you out and scan you to make sure everything looks ok. Definitely go to your gp and push for investigations as it sounds awful, you poor thing.

Hope you get this sorted

messtins Wed 31-Oct-12 22:46:47

Doesn't sound normal to me. I've MC twice and both times had a longer gap to first period then more or less back to normal. Don't put up with it, go back to GP or contact gynae dept if you are still on their books. Hope you can get it sorted.

lotsofcheese Thu 01-Nov-12 17:48:24

I also had a mmc in June, at 11.5 weeks & had an ERCP. My 1st cycle was 31 days & I thought I was back to normal.

How wrong I was! The second cycle, I bled from cd 11-18 then had AF at 22 days. I then had a 17 day cycle. I am pretty sure I wasn't ovulating.

August was more normal & I got pregnant that month (I know I ov'd on cd12 by using opk's).

After my 1st m/c (at 7 weeks) I was straight back to normal.

So I do think the duration of your pregnancy prior to m/c is relevant.

I think it might be worth a trip to the Dr as it's been a wee while for you now & perhaps there is a treatment which might regulate things.

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