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5 days til scan, just not sure what's happening

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I'm about 6 weeks, had bleeding for the last couple of weeks, started off like pink discharge, seems to have got slowly worse, now it's up to a medium period amount of red blood with clots every time I wipe. Last time I wiped one of the clots was firmer with like a whitish wiggly thready looking thing in it. I had a scan a few days ago, a 2mm sac was seen, nothing in it yet, so they did blood tests and the levels had risen nicely. I have a scan in 5 days but how do I know if I've mc in the meantime? Will I see more in the clots? I've never mc before. I'm not in any pain, just got a general feeling of mild pressure/fullness. Very mild.

I called an out of hours doctor and she said is sounds very likely that the pregnancy has ended, based on the amount of bleeding I've had. She was pretty dismissive, just like "treat it like a period" but I've told everyone by now, this would be a nightmare.

Jollyb Wed 17-Oct-12 21:13:44

Hi James - sorry you're going through this. I was in a similar position to you and unfortunately my pregnancy did end in a miscarriage. I had a scan at 5.4 weeks because of light bleeding which showed a 4mm sac and then another scan a week which showed the sac hadn't grown and the pregnancy not viable. A few days later the bleeding got heavier and I passed a larger clot with a definite firm bubble inside.

Your description does sound like you could have passed the sac - though the only way to know for sure will be the scan +/- blood test.

In the meantime - the advice I was given was to seek help if the bleeding became excessive - ie soaking through pads, severe pain or temperature. I was also advised to contact the unit if the bleeding lasted for more than 2 weeks.

Thanks for responding, I feel all cold and numb. The weird clot was only about 1/2-1cm long, pretty small, I think if it was anything it was a piece of something, not a whole sac or whatever. Keep thinking maybe I imagined it, maybe I've overreacting, maybe it's all fine, but it doesn't really explain the bleeding. I had a cervical erosion last time I was pregnant, and plenty of bleeding but I'm pretty sure it wasn't quite this heavy. The wait til the scan is going to be horrible.

NoMoreMarbles Wed 17-Oct-12 21:23:42

james sad so sorry you are going through this sad

It does sound like you might have passed the sac. I have been through this quite a few times (9 sad )and it usually ends with something similar sad

I would call the EPU and ask for an earlier scan as better to know sooner rather than later.

I know you don't 'know' me but if you need to talk/vent I am happy to listen. On here or PM me anytime xx

I asked for an earlier scan with the out of hours doctor, she said no because it won't make any difference (yeah... no difference to them! Makes quite a difference to us. sad

So sorry that you've been through this 9 times, no-one deserves that! sad

Jollyb Thu 18-Oct-12 08:11:29

James - hope you're ok this morning. I know it seems a long time but a longer interval between your scans isn't a necessarily a bad thing. At least you'll get a more definite answer about the viability of your pregnancy.

messtins Thu 18-Oct-12 08:18:18

James sorry you are going through this. The way the doctors treat is as completely routine can be very hurtful. It's all normal to them but devastating news to us. At 6 weeks you are probably not going to appreciate much in the way of "tissue" so it may well be that what you passed was it. You are talking in terms of millimetres for the size of the sac etc. I MC recently at 8 weeks and just passed bits of stuff in clots, nothing identifiable. Hope you are getting the support you need.

The EPU were much more helpful than the OOH doctor, they've rescheduled the scan for tomorrow so we won't have to wait all weekend, bless them. I had a fair few clots overnight, nothing huge but just lots of them, and mild period pains today. It'll be nice to have an answer (even though I'm pretty sure it's over) and move on from this rather than dragging it out.

Thanks for the info about what to expect messtins, I've never mc'd before, and been reading some scary stuff on this section. The things some women go through is unbelievable. And no-one talks about it in real life! confused

messtins Fri 19-Oct-12 08:06:49

Thinking of you today James. Hope you are treated with kindness. FX it is good news for you, but it is better to know either way. We're here if you need us (and if it's good news let us know - we like happy endings)

Thank you messtins, I just got back from my scan and it's actually good news, they saw a bigger sac, yolk sac, she wasn't sure about a fetal pole as it's still early, there was a bit of a blob at the side though. No bleeding visible in the uterus at all so it appears the bleeding is from a cervical erosion, I had no idea it could bleed that much. I'm so relieved. Anyway, they'll scan again in a couple of weeks to hopefully see the heartbeat etc.

Thanks all of you who posted for the support and advice, it did help! x

Jollyb Fri 19-Oct-12 18:33:43

Fantastic news!

messtins Sat 20-Oct-12 18:28:56

smile hope it continues to go well.

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