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How long? (TMI question)

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squizita Wed 17-Oct-12 17:38:20

Sadly I am going through a miscarriage.

My hospital have been very good, they have done a scan and bloods. I know where I stand (luckily because my pains were more on one side than the other so I had ectopic fears) which although sad means I feel reassured I'm not going to collapse in agony. I had a scan...nothing there and ovaries/tubes normal (some wind fuzzing the view of the left ovary) - double checked with bloods thurs then tues (hcg went from low pregancy to definitely not pregnant over the 4 days). I am now just experiencing what I can only describe as a heavy, horrid period that leaves me tired and spaced out.

People have spoken about the emotional side of things but have been quite open-ended on the TMI stuff like how long will I bleed for (I've had 3 days bleeding - as opposed to spotting), also I have a cramp/period pain and a low pain (like a bruise or mild sprain) towards the front of my abdomen really low down (TMI- almost on my natural 'pubic hair line') which I am wondering is something to do with wee or wind? Or some kind of bruise/sprain? It sounds daft but I dodn't want to ask loads of questions like this in the hospital as I might sound crass or heartless, but although I am so terribly sad I also need to know what's 'normal'.

Hope this makes sense...

woollywomble Wed 17-Oct-12 18:05:28

Hi squizita, sorry to hear you're going through this. I miscarried at 11 weeks on 26 Sep and have only just stopped bleeding today (so lasted 3 weeks) but think it depends on how far along you were. I also had a dull pain in my public area and asked the nurse about it who said it was normal. I would say though if it goes on for a while, get it checked out just in case.

squizita Wed 17-Oct-12 18:16:31

Thank you so much for this. Reassured. Yes, I spoke to a friend who's a nurse and they said make a note of it and if it goes on for ages, ring the GP or hospital gyno dept (seriously I should pay them rent, i spent ages visiting to sort myself out ready to have kids and then this... sounds daft but I feel guilty like I wasted NHS resources on my useless insides...sad ).

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