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Irregular periods 6+ months post MMC

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Redbird12 Tue 16-Oct-12 20:31:35

I had 2 MMC's earlier this year, in Jan and March, both followed by ERPC's. I chose to have the op the 1st time and was advised to go down this route the 2nd time as it was twins.

Since then DH and I have had tests which all came back as normal and have been TTC again for the last few months. However, my previously regular cycle has been all over the place since, sometimes early, sometimes late, in fact 10 days late this month which really got my hopes up despite the BFN's.

I have had acupuncture for a number of weeks but it doesn't seem to have helped and it is getting frustrating now that it seems so hard to conceive when it happened fairly easily before.

Has anyone else experienced irregular periods this long post miscarriage? I don't know whether to stop worrying and see if it settles down but have started to become worried that I have scarring post op and this is affecting my cycles and fertility. Am I over-reacting or should I ask my GP to refer me for further tests?

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