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experiences after d&c / eprc?

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legoboat Sun 30-Sep-12 19:43:39

Very sadly, i had to terminate a pregnancy last week as the 12 week NT scan showed that the baby was not compatible with life - we will have to wait to find out exactly why from the results of PM and other testing.
i had the termination in an NHS hospital, and I believe the procedure is very similar to a D&C / EPRC. I have had no bleeding at all since the day of the procedure (Monday) and had no pain until Friday and since then have a very tender abdomen when I push my tummy and a very sore lower back. Is this just the uterus going back to normal size? It's like an ongoing grumbling pain rather than cramping, it's like a bloated feeling but hurts when pressed. I have no temperature and my (sorry TMI) discharge is back to normal white type stuff already. I was also given a course of antibiotics, so I'm not sure it would be an infection?
Just after other experiences really - is the no bleeding normal (I had some very minimal bleeding a few hours after the procedure)? And did anyone get pain/cramping 5/6 days afterwards?
Just keen to get back to normal asap and back to TTC.

scaredmummy2B Sun 30-Sep-12 21:44:17

Hi hun I had a d and c a few months back I had no bleeding that can be normal I also had pain in my lower belly a week later I told the doctor and he re admitted me straight away thought s had an infection but they had left some behind!

Maybe worth getting yourself checked out just incase

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