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It's my angel-baby's 7th birthday today

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confuddledDOTcom Fri 28-Sep-12 17:19:13

Been teasing my OH a little today he's been referred to pre-pregnancy by the obstetrician at a women's hospital!

Seven years ago today our baby girl was born alive at 19+6, tomorrow is her angelversary. I had an antenatal today which I wasn't really looking forward to and in talking to OH this week I realised he is still blaming himself. He knows it's illogical but feels he should have done something. So when we'd finished my obstetrician asked if there was anything else I wanted to talk to her about and I asked her to tell him he couldn't have done anything different. She said she understood his need as the man to protect his partner and baby and why he felt like that but 7 years is a bit long really to still feel like it. She asked if he'd ever considered counselling and he said I had tried to get him to but never got around to it, so she asked if he'd be willing for her to refer him to PPC. She's only referred him and said involving me in it would be his own choice. I really hope it helps because it has caused a little distance all this time and he feels I should blame him and pushes me away a little because of it. This will be his 7th baby (with our angelbaby) and he has only had one birth that's been normal and not stressful. His eldest had aortic stenosis and had to have his birth scheduled so he could be sent to another hospital, then the OK one, then our angel, then we've had 3 premature babies, two that have had crash sections with GA.

messtins Sat 29-Sep-12 08:27:35

Hope the day passed gently for you - must have been difficult to be doing baby things on the anniversary. Sounds positive that your DH is getting some help to move forward. All the best for the current pregnancy - hope you get a normal birth and that it's healing for your family.

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