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mc - whats 'normal' afterwards?

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FloJo151 Mon 24-Sep-12 15:00:21

hi i had what i think was a chemical preg/mc in august.
i had a bfn on a sat then started period later that day, 16 days later i had 3 bfp, had preg 'symptoms' all that wk but felt something wasnt right. 7 days after the bfp i had a bfn and then started period next day, had a bfn later that week and at beginning of the next week so def not prenant. However noe of the periods i had either before or after the bfp's were any different to any of my others?
Have been feeling pretty rough these past few weeks (tired, bit lightheaded atc) and have now started period again at cd 19 after the last one started?!!
Had assumed i had ovulated this month as i felt cramps at about cd 9/10 but maybe not.
Is this all normal?
how would i know if everything has 'come out'?
would i know if the mc hadnt been complete?
spoke to doc when i got the first bfn after the 3 bfp's and he said to just wait and let nature take its course but how would i know if the mc isnt complete?
Sorry if this is painful for anyone but im just not sure whats happening.

AWimbaWay Mon 24-Sep-12 16:19:01

So sorry to hear about your mc. Unfortunately I don't think there is a normal, I bled for 3 months after a mc several years ago and my gps didn't seem concerned. I finally got them to give me an internal scan to see what was happening and was prescribed anti-biotics as there was a risk of infection. I must say with hindsight though I should have demanded a scan much sooner as I felt exhausted. If you aren't feeling right I would go back to your gp and ask them to take another look. x

Irishmammybread Mon 24-Sep-12 19:40:20

Sorry to hear about your MC.
I've had three since March but each time was seen by the EPU and scanned.
The first was at 10-11wks, second at 6 weeks and with the most recent we found out at a scan at 10 weeks the baby had died but I opted to miscarry naturally so it didn't actually happen till I was 12wks.
With the early miscarriage the loss was like a heavy period,bit more painful than normal and I did have faint and dizzy spells for a week or so afterwards. My scan was a week after the bleeding started and it was complete by then.
With the later miscarriages the loss started with heavy bleeding , there were large clots of material and the placenta etc was very obvious when I passed it. Each time i was rescanned after 10 d initially when bleeding had settled to spotting but they could still see it was incomplete,I was rescanned until they were sure, it's taken 3-4 weeks each time to confirm it was finished.
I think the only way you would know for sure if your miscarriage was complete would be a scan, but if I hadn't known I was pregnant when I had my early MC I wouldn't have thought the blood loss was that different to a normal period.
After my MC1 I had a period 5 weeks after,then ovulated d 14 next cycle and conceived.After MC2 I ovulated d14 after bleeding started and conceived .After MC3 I ovulated 3 weeks after bleeding began (I've been temp charting) so my cycles seem to return to normal fairly quickly but I think everyone is different ,it is hard to know what normal is.
As Awimbaway says, asking your GP would be a good idea.

messtins Tue 25-Sep-12 13:15:43

Hi FloJo and sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like you must be having very short cycles if you got a BFP on day 16, is that unusual or is that normal for you? A loss that early on would not be much different to a period, and the GP would normally take a negative pregnancy test as a sign that everything was back to normal. Sometimes the first period after a MC is heavier than normal - whether because there was a little lining left behind or whether because the hormones are still out of whack I'm not sure. My losses have been later (8 and 10 weeks) and I am still waiting for a negative pregnancy test more than 2 weeks after the latest miscarriage. After the first one it took at least 3 months for my cycles to get back to normal, but for some people they are normal straight away. Each time I have had a scan to say the miscarriage is complete, but the next period has still been worse than normal, and it's taken a while to get a BFN even though I know everything has gone.
If you still feel physically rough after this period I'd see the GP, but it's worth in any case taking a little extra care of yourself - maybe take an iron supplement for a little while?

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