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Does an ectopic pregnancy ever terminate itself without intervention?!

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OveranxiousUnderated Sat 11-Aug-12 10:36:17

Please somebody come and advise me I am worrying myself sick sad

I am (was) 6+1wk yesterday when I went for an early scan (due to bleeding) - nothing was found via ultrasound or internal, they could see no sac. I am bleeding consistently now, and quite sure I am miscarrying in some way. However I am going back for more bloods in 24hrs, and they still haven't ruled out an ectopic. My worry is that if there is no 'baby' in my uterus then where is it? If it is an ectopic is there a chance of my levels just dropping and the pregnancy expelling itself naturally? All I seem to have read about is people having tubes removed etc and I am so scared I am going to get a rupture or something. sad

My levels yesterday were 350 and apparently should have been 1600+ so in 48 hours if they have dropped is that a good thing and the pregnancy is going? Or if they double does that mean the baby is growing in my tube?!

I hope somebody can advise me of their experience. Thank you. x

kittykatsforever Sat 11-Aug-12 14:45:56

From what I understand if it was ectopic you would be in extreme pain and very sore on one particular side, I think they have to say they can't rule out ectopic as it would be difficult to see, they said the same to me in my mc however dropping levels does indicate a normal miscarriage, if it's ectopic it goes up but very slowly so instead of double 50-100 in 2 days it would go to 60. The bloods continuing to drop indicate a normal mc, 300 is very low I think mine went from 1400 to 900 and kept droping, I'm very sorry you are going through this but hope ive put your mind at ease abit over ectopic, I'm sure they told you to go back if your in alot of pain but if you were high risk they would have kept you in, take care of yourself and hugs x

kittykatsforever Sat 11-Aug-12 14:47:58

Oh and I had no baby etc there and was around 7wks, when they scaned, obviously in the bleeding it had come away as at this point your talking very small and you wouldn't necessarily know x

PandaNot Sat 11-Aug-12 14:55:37

Exactly the same thing happened to me. No extreme pain, nothing to be seen on the scan so I was treated as if it were ectopic. I had to return to the hospital every other day for three weeks for monitoring, bloods etc until levels returned to normal. No further treatment was necessary although the constant trips to the hospital were a pita. In subsequent pregnancies I was treated as though I'd had an ectopic and I had early scans to rule out further ones.

PandaNot Sat 11-Aug-12 14:57:49

Oh and at one point they were talking about surgery to have a look and see if they could find any reason for the ongoing levels. I told them I wouldn't be having major surgery when I wasn't in pain and there was nothing to see on any scan. So they carried on with the 'watchful waiting'.

OveranxiousUnderated Sat 11-Aug-12 20:10:39

Thank you everyone.

I have been bleeding quite a lot today, and passed a rather large clot/something of some consistency (sorry TMI) so I am really hoping that I am having a natural miscarriage (as strange as that sounds, I obviously wish none of this was happening!) I am going back tomorrow lunchtime for bloods so will see what my levels are. I don't have any pain really so I am hoping that is a good sign too.

max234 Sun 28-Aug-16 23:11:33

Hi i had an ectopic I didn't really have much pain I just felt strange, It started to really hurt when I went to pee then I had really bad pain like a period pain but worse it was my tube it had ruptured, I then started to bleed really bad I thought it was a miscarriage but it wasn't I was bleeding internally from the fallopian tube, they tested my hormone level and instead of going down it went back up that's when I knew it was eptopic I had to have emergency surgery and had one of my tubes removed. I have now recently fell pregnant again and this time I went straight to the hospital they done a internal examination and clamp my womb to take a swabs. my heart was racing and because of this they kept me in hospital. I was dreading my scan next morning I was so scared of it being an eptopic again that's why I got to the hospital quick so if it was they could do something without having to have surgery, when I had my scan they found a mass on my left overy where there is no tube they said they wasnt sure if it was a cyst or eptopic they couldnt find anything in uterus as i was only 5 weeks. I felt very strange in myself I was so scared when she done the ultra internal scan she was quite rough It really hurt, I then had blood test and the hormone level was dropping fast which indicated a miscarriage they said to me where ever it is its not growing so it will come away naturally even if its eptopic. my level dropped right down to 12 I then started to bleed I got go back in 5 weeks time to check that mass on overy to see if everything has gone its been a nitemare as sad as it is I am glad I didn't need surgery, if you think there is something wrong don't ignore it go hospital and test blood levels asap it may avoid having surgery, I am really scared of hospital but I knew this time its best to get there early before its to late I am now thinking of IVF so I know it will go where it is suppose to go :[

Rosti1981 Tue 13-Sep-16 20:24:46

I had the same with my second pregnancy - it was classified as a "pregnancy in unknown location". The hospital monitored my hcg levels really closely but it resolved naturally as they dropped quickly. Although it was really stressful and upsetting at the time, I was pleased that I didn't need surgery to resolve it or have to lose a tube. So it is definitely possible. sorry for your loss.

GFrog Sat 24-Sep-16 21:46:48

Sounds scary stuff. I was/am 6 weeks pg. Started bleeding last night and have an ongoing 'niggle' on my left side. Over the past two weeks I've felt everything happening in my body. To worry now it could be ectopic is further stress. If my bub is going or gone then so be it, I don't need further torture. I hope the OP is okay. Our EPAU are only open Mon-Fri and I've been referred to them in the past but being still in the whirlwind of the positive pg test and not made a GP appt and tbh the EPAU is an awful place when having a miscarriage as there are bumps in the waiting room of all shapes and sizes. Depressing when you know you won't have that bump.

Usa27 Tue 02-May-17 04:44:21

I am in same condition I have to go to blood test every other two days to find out my hgc level, my doctor said Sinces ur hgc level are going down u don't need injection or surgery let it go by nature.I am grateful that God has mercy on me put ur trust in god and he will help u out through hard if ur hgc level are going down without any problem that is good sign

sashh Tue 02-May-17 05:15:02

My worry is that if there is no 'baby' in my uterus then where is it?

You may have already passed it, it may also have been absorbed in to the uterine lining.

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