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dr shehata - your experiences

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cartoonface Wed 08-Aug-12 12:48:38

hi, i have my first appointment with him tommorrow evening and dont really know wot to expect.
i have seen some fairly mixed reviews and horror stories about how his treatments affect you.
has anyone here seen him/is seeing him? id love to hear some peoples stories

teaandchocolate Wed 08-Aug-12 23:24:42

Hi Cartoonface! I just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow and I hope you get some answers and reassurance. I was thinking about you and was going to post on the other thread as I knew your appointment was soon. How are you feeling? Have you read any of that long thread by ladies ttc while being treated by Mr S? Might have some useful info. Let me know how you get on.

cartoonface Thu 09-Aug-12 10:52:59

oh i havent seen it, ill have a look for it. im kind of nervous and excited at the same time. i feel good that its all going to start happening but worried about what he might say. fingers crossed it will be fairly straight forward and we'll soon have our baby. the appoints not until 6.20 so i shall let u know how ive got on tommorrow. thanks for thinking of me.

teaandchocolate Thu 09-Aug-12 11:32:30

It must feel good to get the ball rolling and do something positive. I'm still undecided about what to do/where to go re tests but will probably try again and go after the next mc!

Threads here I had a read while trying to self diagnose but am really none the wiser!

Good luck!

cartoonface Thu 09-Aug-12 12:05:39

thanks ill have a read. self diagnoses is bad! but something i am very guilty of

cartoonface Fri 10-Aug-12 13:43:54

hi tea so first of all you just kinda tell him wot happened, at wot stage mcs were etc but that gives him no indication of anything. he needs test results. hes done some for me the immune system ones and something else. so i just have to wait for those now my next appointment is 8th sept. the only thing he did say was to start on asprin,pregnacare+ omega 3 and vit d3 straight away.
hopefully he will have some answers for me next time.

teaandchocolate Sun 12-Aug-12 00:24:44

Hello! Thanks for letting me know. Did he do tests for clotting issues too or have you already had those? Interesting about the aspirin and vitamins. I'm already taking those vitamins - although what dose of vit d does he recommend as I couldn't work it out? Does he say to take aspirin even before a bfp? As I read it could cause probs with implantation. Thi k I google too much!! Hope you're doing ok. How do you feel?

cartoonface Mon 13-Aug-12 11:18:37

ive not heard that about the asprin, but i guess if there was any truth in that he wouldnt suggest it. he said to start on them straight away i just havent been able to get the vit d3 yet, but he didnt really tell me wot dose on the leaflet he gave me it says between 2 diff amounts ill check when i get home and let you know. but its not very specific at all. tbh im not sure they will help me that much as i was already taking the pregnancy multivits before i got preg the second time. but maybe theres a lot of benefit to taking the extra d3 i dont really know. he didnt say either when you stop taking the asprin.ive got so many questions now. when i was there my mind was just a blank really!
i couldve had a scan done on my womb to but decided to wait until next time for that its already all cost £900! but totally worth it if it works.
ill have had bloods for immune system, hormones and thrombophilias, if you look here on his website it tells you about them
at the moment i feel no different really because we're still not able to try and no answers yet. he said we shouldnt start ttc until at least after our next appointment in sept.

Geekster Mon 13-Aug-12 11:33:38

Hi I don't know who Dr Shehata is but I had six miscarriages and had tests for something called a thromboelastogram at st Mary's hospital in London and they found it was slightly raised I has to take 150mg aspirin a day from when I found out I was pregnant until 36 weeks as a result dd was born in march. The hosp said they often give women over 35 aspirin anyway esp after miscarriages

cartoonface Mon 13-Aug-12 11:41:41

hi geekster thanks for clearing up about the aspirin! i cant remeber wot dosage ive got. i didnt think at the time but actually he wasnt specific about doses at all!
tea how old are you? if you dont mind me asking. ive just turned 27. he commented that me and my fiance are both young and that im slim! seems he thought that was a positive. didnt really think that weight made much diff.

teaandchocolate Mon 13-Aug-12 16:16:25

Its all so complicated isn't it!! For my last (failed) pregnancy I was taking 75mg aspirin from bfp although only because I 'might as well' (according to new consultant). I have read that if you're diagnosed with clotting issues then 75mg might not be enough. Not sure if it's safe to take more if I don't definitely need it? Next time I'm going to try progesterone again as took that with DD and something must have worked. But there's no evidence that it helps.

I'm 32, nearly 33, so not exactly old but wouldn't say I'm young. I also wanted 3 children initially but might have to rethink that one!! I have pcos and insulin resistance but am also slim - although not sure what difference that makes?!

£900 is definitely not too bad if it works! There seem to be so many tests/treatments you can try which would all be worth it if you end up with a baby but it's hard to know where to start.

cartoonface Mon 13-Aug-12 16:39:22

not straight forward at all! i never thought it would be so hard to get pregnant and stay pregnant. are you seeing a consultant at the moment? have you had any tests? you may not have clotting issues. that dosage of aspirin seems to be what they give everyone to take whos had a mc, from what ive heard from other people on here.
do you start taking the progesterone before bfp?

teaandchocolate Mon 13-Aug-12 17:07:23

I've seen a consultant but he's really just an obs & gynae one who dealt with my mcs (did my 2nd erpc) & isn't a mc expert. He thinks it's just bad luck but said he will carry out tests for me if I want (I think to stop me pestering him!). We're waiting for karyotyping results and can have clotting tests (the nhs ones) if I wait 3 months. But I'm so impatient and think I might try again before then - & try progesterone again. I took the progesterone from bfp as well. Cant remember if I told you before but the 2nd mc was diagnosed with triploidy so wouldn't have made it anyway whatever I took. I think that's why the consultant thinks its bad luck and also why I'm willing to have one more go before having more tests. Although if I'm not pregnant in 3 months I will definitely have the clotting tests. Not sure if this is a stupid plan really as if I do have clotting issues there can be serious consequences but I just can't face waiting 6 months or more to ttc again...

I never thought it was going to be this traumatic having a baby either! My 1st mc was before DD so I knew already I was very lucky to have her but thought the mc must be bad luck. Now after the last 2 I'm not so sure but finding it hard as everyone I know seems to be pregnant! I do know how lucky I am to have DD though & often wonder whether I should just give up & be grateful for what I've got! But it's so hard to give up!!!

Have you had the nhs tests done or did you go straight to Mr S? Sorry I'm sure you've probably told me all this!

AmyHS Mon 13-Aug-12 21:05:07

Hi Cartoonface,

I too am under Mr S and I was also under Prof Regan at St Mary's before him. I have to say, I have found him so much more approachable and helpful.

He tends to put all his patients on 25ug vit D, 75mg aspirin and Pregnacare with Omega 3 supplements as soon as they come into his care.

He basically has 2 treatment plans depending on whether you test High or Very High for NK cells. He gave me a print out of these so I could familiarise myself with them before I got my results. The printouts also said when you would start/stop taking each med. these treatment plans are also in his website though you need a password to get them. He gave me that too at my first appointment so maybe it's worth giving the clinic to request???

I'm on my 2nd cycle of TTC since I got my diagnosis, currently on steroids hopeful for a BFP next week

Fingers crossed for you hun, if you want any other info, please just ask


cartoonface Wed 15-Aug-12 12:28:26

ah yes tea i remeber you did tell me but im entirely sure what triploidy means? ive gone straight to mr s as i really didnt want to have a 3rd mc before the nhs would look into it. if i could avoid having any other mcs then thats what i wanted to do. although my gp did have some rountine bloods done for me which when i showed mr s he said none of them were relavent.
my gp was willing to do all he could but i knew he was limited by what the nhs will do.
amy got the password. in some ways im worried bout reading too much i end up scaring myself! ive been convinced for the past couple of days that he wont be able to help me with no reason other than the fact that one person has said that the nkc medicine hes given her hasnt worked and she may have to stop trying. i know nothing about her treatment history etc so completely stupid of me to think i could be in the same position. i know nothing untill my results come back. i love to self diagnose via dr goggle as well v.v.bad!
not sure ive heard of prof regan. please let me know how you are getting on and i really hope for ur bfp very soon.

AmyHS Thu 16-Aug-12 13:14:23

I totally sympathise hun - i often catch myself thinking "what if I am the one he can't help". All we can do is trust that he is on our side and he has had lots of success, it helps to read success stories too.

fingers crossed hun

PS: i am a sucker for Dr Google too!

teaandchocolate Thu 16-Aug-12 19:20:29

Triploidy is a chromosomal abnormality where there are 3 of each chromosome instead of 2. Supposed to b random and not reoccur (well v unlikely to). I am a bit dubious as even a genetics counsellor didn't seem to understand it all!!

I'm scared to try again and scared to get tested!! At the moment am waiting for AF so trying to stick my head in the sand for a bit....& ignore all the questions about whethe I'd like another baby!! X

moonfacebaby Thu 16-Aug-12 20:17:31

Hi, I had treatment with dr. S last year & my beautiful baby daughter who is coming up to 10 months old is the result of that!

The treatment was fine - I had very high nk cells, & had the steroids & intralipids - steroids weren't half as bad as expected, just made me very hungry & a bit stroppy, which could have been pregnancy related anyhow.

It was the best thing we ever did - the H
NHS were next to useless & just told us to keep trying after 4 mc's, & I just knew there was something wrong.

Had a very easy pregnancy & our dd2 is a perfect picture of health - so all positive here!

Good luck x

cartoonface Fri 17-Aug-12 19:19:22

Oh tea I know what u mean. I'm scared of the out come by going to Mr s. But too be honest I sorta want him to find something then I have a reason for why its happened twice and can fix it for next time. I was more scared of another mc. I wouldve gone to him after the first one if id known he'd see me. Sounds complicated anything with chromosomesconfuse me thou.
Thank u all for wishing me luck and to moon for sharing your positive story it really helped me feel better when I was in a crappy mood about it all.
Only 3wks till my next appt! X

iggi777 Fri 17-Aug-12 20:35:36

Oh I was convinced I was the one he wouldn't be able to help. Four miscarriages, early 40s, overweight to boot - 5 months after I first saw him I was pg and currently nursing my lovely wee boy. Good luck.

mattsmama Sun 26-Aug-12 00:10:21

Hi everyone - just stumbled on this thread and wanted to let you know I have only good things to say about Mr Shehata. I was under his care last year after being diagnosed with high nk cells and thyroid antibodies as I have hypothyroidism. I was on his treatment plan as although I had one DS I had subsequently had a m/c at 12 weeks followed by other very early m/c's. I am now sat with my second DS sleeping on my lap - he is 9 month old and gorgeous. Mr Shehata is fantastic. I felt fine on the steroids (slight increase in appetite) and was fine when I weaned off them after reaching 12 weeks. I felt very unsure and nervous before seeing him but it was the best thing we did and my little bundle sleeping peacefully on my knee is testament to that. Lots of love and luck and baby dust to anyone on their journey - whatever stage you are at xx

mattsmama Sun 26-Aug-12 00:12:59

PS I was 42 when I had my DS and conceived the first month of trying on the steroids!

cartoonface Mon 27-Aug-12 08:54:23

Aww how lovely mattsmama and in the first month well done! I'm waiting to go back and get my test results and plan of action.

mattsmama Mon 27-Aug-12 21:48:42

Cartoonface - I know how you feel. I can't describe how nervous I was waiting for results and then in shock slightly when diagnosed but also relieved that I had last had some answers finally. I wish you lots of luck and will watch for your results! X

cartoonface Fri 31-Aug-12 12:40:41

hey guys! still a week to go, times dragging. but i have a slight update if anyones interested smile i now know (through my gp) that all my hormone bloods came back fine, that was the fsh etc. theres also no problem with my thyroid. looking good so far! x

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