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New Miscarriage Research

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suedonim Thu 04-Dec-03 10:20:04

Here's some new research about m/c's which seems to hold out hope for the future.

quackers Thu 04-Dec-03 12:11:58

That's very interesting! Thanks for that!!

bunny2 Thu 04-Dec-03 23:00:25

Thanks fore the link. Lets hope they can use this info to help women who miscarry recurrently.

hana Thu 04-Dec-03 23:53:38

I read this the other day as well, but what are the chances that it will offered in my (our) childbearing years? Sigh...

suedonim Fri 05-Dec-03 09:58:20

Hana, it may well come sooner than you imagine. When I had my first babies in the 70's there were no such thing as scans or testing and a baby born at 28wks might survive if it was very, very lucky. Home pg tests had only just come on the market, to be used when AF was about 2 weeks overdue and they were incredibly expensive. Now, all those things are commonplace, routine and cheap, so maybe this research will also become part of everyday pg care before too long. Best wishes.

hana Fri 05-Dec-03 23:42:15

that's very true! Technology does move a lot faster doesn't it. I remember in the tv shows that I used to watch when younger - women would be waiting for the call from the doctor finding out if they were pregnant or not after a blood (urine?) test at the clinic. Not so much of that anymore.

Ronniebaby Sun 25-Jan-04 20:47:32

Wow thanks for that info, Suedonim.

I lost my 2nd, last week, but I've moved on, but the info about m/c after boy birth was an eye opener, as my first was a boy, I've gotta go back to hospt next week, so I'm gonna print this off and show my doc, Interesting, indeed.

suedonim Sun 25-Jan-04 22:44:39

I'm sorry to hear your news, Ronniebaby, and hope you get some answers at the hospital.

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