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Ectopic pregnancy support thread

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tasmaniandevilchaser Sun 18-Mar-12 18:15:29

Hi everyone, this is a place for anyone who's had an ectopic pregnancy - whether you want to moan, cry, fret or just have a chat with other people who understand. I know there's lots of other good websites on ectopic pregnancies but after hijackingchatting with sunshine on another thread, I thought I'd start one here.

Well I'll get the ball rolling with my story - after a MMC in November (found out at the 12 wk scan that the baby had died at 10 wks) I was just getting myself sorted, having counselling, when I had the ectopic. I know I am lucky in that I have a lovely DD. Having had a normal pregnancy, I knew from the beginning this one was not good and as soon as I got a BFP I was down at the hospital.

After 10 days of mental torture, waiting around, scans, rescans, blood tests, it got too late for the methotrexate (they finally saw the ectopic in a scan on a Friday early evening and the methotrexate wasn't in stock hmm)

I finally had the surgery to remove one tube on the Tuesday. This was the end of February, at first I wasn't sure how I would cope, but I am just plodding on. I know I am lucky that it didn't rupture, but honestly I can't think of having an ectopic as being lucky. Especially after a MMC sad.

Anyway, come join me if you want to share your story, I have wine, brew and thanks

khaii Sat 01-Jul-17 15:28:17

I have some questions regarding of an ectopic pregnancy. I was first injected methotrexate Last MAY 24 my HCG level is 346 then, i came back to my doctor on June 1 my HCG level get down to 103 then the next and last check up was on june 7 then It get down to 3 . And the doctor said to me im now ok. Then, she wants me to have a TVS (transvaginal ultrasound) but i didn't follow it. Now, im worried . Is it possible to have an ectopic again?? But im using contraceptive pill. Thank you, Hope there's an answer to my question. Please help.

Mali2 Thu 29-Jun-17 10:42:22

I had an ectopic in march last year. After repeated blood tests and scans, doc confirmed it in 7th week. I was not feeling pregnant or in any sort of pain. After a second doctor's confirmation, took methotraxate injection and hcg went down. Doctor was very supportive. She suggested hysterosalpinogram test when I asked whether there is any problem with my tubes. Fnding that tubes were perfectly normal was a relief. We have been trying again for the past 6 months. I did a home pregnancy test yesterday at 5 weeks and it was a strong positive, instead of the very faint line I got during ectopic last year. But, I am feeling very worried that its ectopic again and getting up courage to see the doctor before too late. Hope its good news this time.

mummylifecycle Thu 08-Jun-17 11:13:31

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user1493416129 Sat 29-Apr-17 00:19:07

Me and my husband found out I was pregnant on the 10th April (around a month gone). As you can imagine very excited to have a second child, but very quickly I began to feel ill, and felt completely different this pregnancy. I felt faint/dizzy and just run down (we joked it was a girl this time), then by 15th I started to bleed lightly, and on the 16th I woke up in agony with rib pain and went to a and e. From then on I was sent on to early pregnancy unit where they conformed I was pregnant. It was ectopic but by the time they confirmed it will blood tests and multiple scans lucky I naturally lost it, but my HGG level carried on going up. So on the 21st I had key hole surgery where the cleaned out my tubes of the remaining blood and had a look inside (luckily no removal of my tubes) and also nothing there. I went back yesterday for a scan and blood test, the scan shows nothing, but my bloods are still going up six days after they done the surgery. I don't know weather to feel joy or cry that I'm going to go through it again. I don't know if there's hope I can have the baby, or even if there's a baby. We haven't slept together since I started bleeding so it can't be a new baby. Has anyone else experience it? I'm still on so much pain meds from the surgery I can't think straight or even carry my 6 month son. Me and my husband can't make sense of what the doctors are saying one minute I'm pregnant, then I've naturally lost it, then I'm not and now I maybe. Has anyone else experienced this positive or negative outcome. I just don't know what to prepare myself for

chloejo Wed 28-Oct-15 08:30:15

Hello all,
This is my first time using this site. I had an ectopic pregnancy last week and I am finding it difficult to get over. I was terrified of having the operation and I actually didn't have to have it in the end because I naturally miscarried. The miscarriage lasted for 5 days and I am really not feeling myself. I feel angry that this happened to me and I am worried about having a baby in the future. I am also wondering when I should be going back to work. As I didn't have the operation I'm not sure what time I will need?

SashaKerr Sun 04-Oct-15 11:34:50

Hi there

May I join with a suspected ectopic?

I've a DS who is 2.5 and I've had 3 MMCs already.

I got pregnant again on the lister and was on IVIG, heparin and cyclogest. Only at 6.5 weeks I went to get a scan and they couldn't see anything so it was a PUL and possible ectopic.

My hcg was 437 on Thursday and 373 on Saturday so they are taking my hcg again on Monday. They are worried it's not fallen a lot. I'm hoping it falls enough so I don't need the metho injection thing? I've also stopped the heparin and cyclogest so I hope I start to bleed soon.

Anyone else in this situation? I just want it to be over with now...

sprite25 Thu 01-Oct-15 08:48:26

Hi I guess just marking my place. Me and DH were TTC for no 2 for about 5 or 6 months when I got three BFPs. We couldn't of been happier but looking back now I think I knew something wasn't right. At first midwife appointment I asked about the light cramps I was getting which she told me were just stretching pains. Got a letter through for our 12 week scan and it started to feel abit more real and exciting
exciting. We were due to go on our 1st family holiday on Monday. Saturday night and Sunday morning the pain was awful so just to be on the safe side I called the EPU at the hospital who told me to go in. I was given examination's and asked loads of questions and given a scan which they couldn't see properly so had to stay in to have another scan in the morning. By this point I was still hoping they would say everything is fine and send me home. Second scan showed a large ectopic in the left fallopian tube. They did keyhole surgery to take the tube and pregnancy away but said that I had a healthy right tube and as I had DD with no problems then no reason I can't have more. I'm home now and struggling to figure out how I feel. Sad obviously and maybe in shock but it wasn't even a 'baby' yet, just a group of cells really. I know the doctor said that providing I'm healed and we're ready then we can start trying again in 3 months. Sorry for the long post I'm just trying to get some of it out of my head to make sense of it all.

TeaAddict235 Tue 08-Sep-15 22:35:58

Hello, I am reluctantly joining this thread, as I was told this morning that what the doctors thought was a dermoid cyst, is actually an ectopic pregnancy. We already have DS who is under 2, and we wanted a close age gap, but alas, that may not be the case. I still have to decide what we want to do concerning the management of the tube, and until this weekend it looks like monitoring until more blood tests have been analysed. I really don't want surgery as I am a wimp, but am scared about the high subsequent risks of not removing the offending tube.

Sophia1984 Thu 27-Aug-15 15:48:33

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if I could be having an ectopic pregnancy if the technician saw something in the womb? She just said there was a dark spot, but otherwise I had uterine lining and everything looked fine. I'm expecting that it's a pregnancy that hasn't developed and hoping that I will naturally miscarry, but I'm worried it might be ectopic. If it was, would there have been anything in the womb (which is retroverted in case that matters)?

notAdaddyYet Mon 17-Aug-15 00:22:02

Hi folks, it has been really eye opening to read through a lot of your posts here. My love and I got married last May and have been really trying to conceive since a few months ago.

We were excited to have her missed period at the end of July and positive pregnancy test last week via home test.

She's had spotting and a little discomfort since though so we decided to make an appt asap and today we found out it's an ectopic pregnancy just below one of her ovaries.

She's pretty broken up about this right now and I'm just trying to be as supportive as I can. We were already having thoughts of what to get, if it was going to be a boy or a girl, etc, so it's pretty hard to now hear that we have to put that aside.

I'm sharing because I need to talk to someone and she doesn't want us to share just yet with anyone publicly. I'll let her decide where and when but I feel I can't hold it in.

I've now diverted my worry from the potential baby to her. I've had some medical training so I know Methotrexate is a cancer drug and what it is supposed to do. Makes sense to target rapidly dividing cells but surprised there's nothing better yet.

Can someone share more about how you had Metho tx and why it is you feel pain now? (I've read that in quite a few posts) As the ectopic pregnancy is being resolved, if it never started in the Fallopian tube, can it leave scars in the tube (and is that what is causing the pain?)?

If it turns out she needs surgery, we are told because of it's position, she will keep both tubes and no damage should occur with the ovary if nothing changes and we move fast. That I'm thankful for, but then I'm told we should not try to conceive for another 6 months because of the drug level in her body. How long did you gals wait before trying again after metho and how long before you conceived? And what was the outcome?

I'm thankful that the EP did not end up in the tube where a lot of them do end up, I'm sad we won't have our first yet though. When that does happen, you know I'll be posting that here to encourage you all.

As an aside, during her bleeding episodes, this site was a very big help in support and information as well, thanks to you all.

toobreathless Thu 23-Jul-15 01:43:27

Also sending love to everyone going through this now/recently.

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my third baby conceived after an ectopic pregnancy - I lost my left tube in 2010.

There is hope.

Lovemylittlebear Wed 22-Jul-15 05:23:41

Somethingfromnothing - there definitely is hope and although it's horrific the pain does get easier with time I promise. I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and baby in the right spot this time ...I hope this helps you through a tough time and you have lots of love and support xxx

somethingfromnothing Mon 20-Jul-15 20:38:34

I know this thread isn't very active anymore but I've just read it start to finish and it has given me a huge amount of support.

I am being managed expectantly for my ep and after two weeks it has fallen from 980 to 40. Emotionally it's been awful but at least I know there is hope flowers

tasmaniandevilchaser Wed 15-Jul-15 21:25:41

to anyone else that is still around, hope that you come through the dark times and have good news sometime soon. I had my left tube removed in Feb 2012 and conceived DS 6 months later. Hope that this gives you hope.

tasmaniandevilchaser Wed 15-Jul-15 21:22:01

Iloveberries!!! I was thinking about you and wondering if you ever popped back here and have just seen that you posted a few months ago. Sorry to hear that you split from your H and hope that the next scan gave you good news. Big hugs, tas xxx

Shazhelt Sat 20-Jun-15 22:26:33

Helpinghusband, I am so sorry for your losses. I'm sure just being there for your wife is a great help. There's a lot of good information on the ectopic trust website, it tells you about different treatments, recovery and emotions.
I know the hardest thing for my husband was seeing me in so much pain and helpless to do anything. It meant everything to me that he was by my side.

Hi hello all. Like you I'm a 'put everyone else first' kinda gal, but tbh, my husband hasn't let me. It's been strange and rather unpleasant at times to take a step back and just concentrate on myself, but I think it's helped. I tried to downplay what had happened for a little while (think I was in denial), but when I actually started acknowledging how shitty it was, and how serious it had been, seemed to make me feel a bit better somehow. I still have bad days and still have flashbacks and bad dreams, but the dr said after an emergency experience like that it can take months and months to be yourself again. So whilst I truly empathise with you, eight weeks after your loss is still early - give yourself time and be good to yourself. Xx

Helpinghusband Fri 19-Jun-15 21:06:46

Hey I'm looking for some help. My wife and I have been TTC for 2 years. We had our first MC Christmas day 2013, second MMC Oct 14, third MC Feb 2015 and now we've just been told that we have a non viable pregnancy in an unknown location. HCG levels are still rising but only about 10% every 48hrs.

My poor wife is in bits. What can I do to help my wife get through this difficult time? Is there anything I need to do or not do to make it any easier for her?

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Helloall1 Thu 18-Jun-15 20:45:06

Hi Shazhelt, I'm sorry to read your situation. It's a horrific thing to go through and to be honest I've spent so much time downplaying it it is making it worse as every now and again I think of it and it breaks my heart.

I'm not the type of person to take time for myself, I worry and support everyone and out of work.

Our experience of internal bleeding and rushed surgery sounds similar, as does our feeling of exhaustion. I was supposed to take three iron tablets each day but I am a bit rubbish at remembering.

How are you feeling now? I'm so sorry you have had infections x
I'm not sure where my periods are, I bled for a week in hospital and the next was regular.

Hoping you feel on track soon and have lots of support around you xx

Shazhelt Thu 18-Jun-15 09:42:21

Helloall1, you are not butting in, and are most welcome to the thread. I'm just sorry you had to find it.
It sounds like you had a terrible time, I too had to be rushed down to theatre, very scary times. I'm not surprised you still feel shocked as it all happened so quickly to you.
After 5 weeks, my energy levels have just started to improve now I'm no longer anaemic, but I'm still getting pain from the tubeless side and my belly button incision seems to have developed an infection - so back on the antibiotics. Have an u/s scan next week to check everything's ok.
After dreading the arrival of my period, now it's actually here I feel quite relieved, feel like I can start to move forward a little.

Dcmw - hope littlebear has given you some reassurance.

Take care all x

Helloall1 Mon 15-Jun-15 19:40:55

Hey, hope you don't mind me butting in. Been reading through experiences and realise mine was unusual, which is why I probably still feel a bit numb and shocked...even though it happened eight weeks ago.

I'm so sorry that so many people have suffered losses and pain too x

My story is, we had been TTC since Oct 14; I had the implant removed. We found out were pregnant in April, only early days of around six weeks but was very excited.
I was perfectly well, no bleeding at all. But suddenly got a strange woozy feeling all of a sudden, when I was driving home from work. Then I started feeling like I had trapped wind and it all went a bit hazy from there, I was sick and kept going in and out of consciousness. Luckily I had managed to pull over and call DH.
I refused to go to hospital as felt it was a stomach bug, but then got a horrific pain in my shoulder and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.
Long story but had to have surgery straight away as the 'trapped wind' feeling was actually blood loss into my stomach. Few blood transfusions later, I've survived but I feel crap! And still shocked at how quickly it all happened.

I'm doing OK now, but still exhausted, bit sore and down. But I'm trying to be positive. I just wanted to share my experience because I didn't get any support and when I try to Google advice, it mainly says bleeding, pain and medication. I hope this makes sense.

These things are awful and no one deserves it. I wish you all good luck, stay with it, the emotional and physical pain will ease x

Lovemylittlebear Thu 11-Jun-15 14:25:30

Hi shazhelt

Sorry to see you on here. Yes had wait and see. Random pains on right side even now every now and idea if tube blocked or if it's ok. Had 2 MCs since, one was too early to know if it made it to uterus or not. The other was I my uterus so made it through tube. I'm pregnant ATM an gynae told me at the time I was about to ovulate out my left tube so we went at it like hell and it's still in the right spot 11weeks on... I thought it would never find a way through but it has. Hope you get some good luck xxx

dcmw Thu 11-Jun-15 13:04:42

Hi everybody - this is my first post smile

My partner and I had been TTC for just one month in October 2014 and got "pregnant" pretty much immediately, at 7 weeks I started bleeding and went to the hospital - who were lovely to me, they did a check and said it looked as if everything was okay but the day after I started having horrible pains in my side and I knew straight away that it was an ectopic pregnancy, which was obviously devastating - morbidly interestingly, his sister-in-law had a confirmed miscarriage on the exact same day I had my ectopic confirmed.

The doctor at the hospital tried to push the methotrexate on me but obviously that concerned me as I wanted to keep trying, and then the nurse behind closed doors told me not to listen to the doctor and to have the tube removed!! She said if I was her daughter, that's what she would want, I argued that based on the literature I was given my chances of having a second ectopic were about the same whether I had one tube or two and given that I was only 25 I wasn't ready to have one removed (what if I'd had an ectopic in my right tube next time?!! Then I'd have one dodgy tube and nothing else!!)

Anyway it turned out that my HCG levels had fallen enough to warrant the "wait and see" treatment - which was my preferred option but not one that I see much around on the internet or forums when I'm looking for answers.

Anyway, we have been trying ever since but nothing yet (my partner was in a very serious accident in January so we had to take a couple of months off whilst he was in hospital and now we still have to be super careful he doesn't over do it).

That's my story but the reason I came on here was really to see if anyone else had the same "wait and see" treatment, I still get pains in my left abdomen from time to time and and afraid that my chances of having another ectopic are high because there's obviously some scarring still going on down there.

Does anyone still have pains in their tube? Or did they, and how long did it take to subside? Anyone on here have the same treatment and manage to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards?

Shazhelt Sat 06-Jun-15 20:49:35

ilove and little bear, I'm really pleased for you both.
I've read through the whole thread after I had emergency surgery to remove an ectopic and a ruptured left tube 4 weeks ago at only 6 weeks pregnant. I am lucky to have a 16mnth dd and an incredibly supportive dp. I am however only just feeling better physically after a womb infection followed by thrush post op. After losing a litre of blood, I find I'm still so tired so quickly.

I have found this thread invaluable. I am slowly beginning to think that I may at some point in the future be ready to Ttc again, but the fear of leaving my little one without her mum is still so strong should we be so unlucky again. And the trauma of the horrendous pain I endured (I had no bleeding whatsoever, only internally) and the powerless feeling of deteriorating before they rushed me in leaves me with nightmares.
I know things will get better with time, sunshine helps, and cuddles from dd. I just feel so lucky to still be here for my family.

I've found trying to be as open as possible, and talking about the experience to be emotionally healing for me. Yes, I still burst into tears at the slightest thing, I am grieving for my lost baby, the loss of my tube, probably post traumatic stress and the horrible feeling that my dp watched helplessly in the hospital whilst I was so ill, but that all is to be expected. It is still early days. I am trying to be good to myself and take things day by day.

I'm so sorry for everyone who has had to find themselves on this thread x

Lovemylittlebear Fri 05-Jun-15 21:08:45

Hi TJ87 and everyone else on the thread. I had an ectopic in June last year and posted on here which was a great source of comfort. Emotionally the pain took it's toll for quite a while, but it does get a lot easier with time. Since then we had two miscarriages and im now nearly 11 weeks pregnant. It's in the right place and it's growing at the moment. So although it's early days I thought that might give some of you some hope if you are having a tough time. All my love xxx

Sleepyjeanie Wed 03-Jun-15 15:35:57

Hi ladies,

I have just been diagnosed with having an ectopic pregnancy. Really shocked. They are about to administer Methotrexate and I was therefore wondering whether your pain had resolved TJ87?I am worried and anxious about electing this due to a) possibly damaged tube and future fertility b) it doesn't work and surgery has to be undertaken anyway and c) how long it takes for HCG levels to drop.

Now that I have read that it can cause constant and recurrent pain is something I will ask my doctor when I return to hospital later on today I.e best form of pain management and I will come back and post some info which may be of help to some going through a similar situation. sad

I also wondered whether anyone had any experience of an ectopic due to endometriosis? I was told today that this was a risk factor. I am kind of angry that I was never advised this before TTC and although I did research my condition sometime ago, I obviously did not pick up on this being a risk factor or indeed having had a laparoscopy which is again, a risk factor!!

Thanks all for your advice on the thread, your support and wishing you lots of sticky baby dust for those TTC!

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