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2xmc ttc again last time,can't go through another mc if this one doesn't work

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kellzi Sat 03-Mar-12 21:43:35

2 nd mc 3 weeks ago, lst 6 pints of blood. Awful situation , can't go through it again so this really is my last chance

Boggler Sat 03-Mar-12 22:11:54

Kellzi I know exactly how you feel, I had 3 mc's in a row and it's physically and emotionally exhausting. Like you I felt I couldn't do it again and felt that was that. I put all mc's behind me ( as much as I could) and concentrated on having good holidays and fun with dh. Then quite by chance and several years after last mc I found myself pregnant - and terrified! Anyway have managed to get to 14 weeks and all seems to be ok. So what I guess I'm saying is that take some time out, give yourself time to heal and just see what might happen. Sending a big hug X

kellzi Sun 04-Mar-12 21:00:09

Great news bogger, only thing is I am41 so time not on my side, going to recurrent mc unit so hope try can give me some answers

Boggler Sun 04-Mar-12 22:40:08

I should have said I'm 43! So I really do know how you feel xx

CassMonkey Fri 09-Mar-12 21:24:25

Kellzi I'm so sorry, don't know if you remember but we were on the same thread back in December and I thought I'd see how you were doing and then saw this. I'm really sorry (to be honest I'm crying for you), I really hope things go well at the mc unit x

kellzi Sat 10-Mar-12 20:46:56

Hi cass, thank you for your kind words, how are you getting on?
2 mc in 4 months was a blow( understatement ) and I really was poorly after the last one as had reached 10 weeks and lost so much blood was in hospital for a couple of days. Am ready to try again, fingers crossed x

browneyesblue Sat 10-Mar-12 21:06:49

Oh kellzi sad

We were on a thread together before in Jan, where we were both scared that we might MC again. I'm so sorry to read this thread and find out that it happened. I really hoped we would both be lucky that time. Sadly, I've MC too - I had an ERPC on 2nd March after finding out a week before that there was no heartbeat. There had been a heartbeak the week before that, so it must have stopped between 8+2 and 9+2 sad It's been really hard to come to terms with.

I had my first MC in Oct last year, so it was also my 2nd in 4 months. I wish we had happier circumstances in common, but I'm here to hold your hand or just listen if you need it.

I've still got to wait a bit until I can try again. I haven't done a pregnancy test yet to make sure it's negative. I find that I keep forgetting, but I can't help thinking that subconsciously I'm avoiding it on purpose. I'm going to try and be brave and do the test tomorrow morning.

Once I've done the negative test, I'll start trying again, but emotionally I'm not sure if I can face another MC. I can't get referred to the recurrent MC clinic unless I miscarry 3 times in a row though, so it's great that you managed to get a referal.

Sending hugs and strength your way. x

CassMonkey Sun 11-Mar-12 13:24:50

browneyesblue can't imagine how you're feeling, must be so hard, am so sorry sad have everything crossed for you for next time and I hope the test is negative so you can start trying again.

And kellzi I've not had any luck yet, third month of trying now. I still do worry about my cervix strength after the treatment I had but trying not to worry. When are you going to the unit? Big virtual hug your way, and lots of positive thoughts that next time will be the one x

browneyesblue Tue 13-Mar-12 10:16:22

Thanks Cass. I tested this morning, but still positive sad Will test again at the weekend.

Hope things are going well kellzi.

harrietlichman Tue 13-Mar-12 13:31:20

I am in the same situation, but am now TTC after my 3rd mc (last one in September) I am still suffering mixed feelings, partly optimistic, partly terrified as I know this will be my last chance (am 40, and DH has agreed one more go but doesn't want me to go through it again if it I have another mc)
I get some comfort from the posts on this thread, but know there is no where more lonely than wherever you are when you find you have started bleeding. Best of luck to everyone in this position, hope things are going ok for you Kellzi.

kellzi Wed 18-Apr-12 20:18:47

Hi guys, well i have decided to try again, so please send me your angels and keep your fingers crossed for me x x x I hope you are all well x x x x

lola4lee Thu 19-Apr-12 15:51:21

Good luck to everyone on here and all those that aren't here too.

I am also ttc again after 3 mc's in 10 months.

xxxGood Luck Everyonexxxxx

FoofFighterYNWAJFT96 Thu 19-Apr-12 17:43:32

So sorry for your losses Kellzi sad it's really shit isn't it? 6 pints lost? shock

If you want to move on from the miscarriage board there are a few threads ongoing on the conception board for people who have had miscarriages which you'd be more than welcome on ) Good luck!

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