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Just had 12 week scan, baby died at 8 weeks, what next ?

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HaveToWearHeels Wed 04-Jan-12 14:03:07

no heartbeat and baby measuring 8 weeks. I am so shocked as we had scan at 6 weeks due to previous ectopic and all was in the right place, have had no pains, no bleeding and was still having sickness until 2 weeks ago.

Scan lady was lovely and made appointment for me to go back to discuss my options with doctor. Obviously I have been carrying a dead baby around in me for 4 weeks which I just can't compute at the moment sad What can I expect tomorrow ? I would like to arm myself with as much info as possible.

On the emotional side I am a mess. I have DD who is 2 and I desperatley what her to have have a sibling, but at nearly 42 and one tube this now seems like a distant dream. I somehow feel that I was the custodian of this baby for me and DH and I have failed.

MrsJohnDeere Sat 24-Nov-12 11:58:36

cornishrainbow so sorry that you are going through this sad. I was in a near identical situation 5 weeks ago now. I'm really surprised that they want to do it under local anaesthetic. I thought GA was the norm? Is there anything in your particular medical history that makes GA dangerous for you?

HaveToWearHeels Sat 24-Nov-12 14:59:23

So sorry cornish truely heartbreaking for you both. I had mine under general, like you I would not fancy this under local. As *MrsJohnDeere" has said is there a reason ? If not I would be tempted to change my mind.

loubloutwinmum Tue 27-Nov-12 15:12:18

Hi Heels - was thinking of you over the weekend and decided to look at this thread today. Typed a reply a minute ago and it promptly disappeared!!!

Sorry that you have not had any luck but just wanted to say hi as this thread got me through some very dark days. We decided not to try again but have had a few care free months as I think secretly we both struggle to let go of the idea of adding to our family, but nothing has happened. I am fast approaching 39 and like you, think we may have missed the boat! Have found it really hard again recently as this time last year I was pregnant and blissfully unaware that all was not well and we were looking to the future with a new baby. However, my girls are nearly ten now so a baby would be tough, even tougher a toddler and hormonal teenage girls, but saying that, I'd love it if it happened.

Anyway, just wanted to catch up as I do think of you and the other ladies on this thread often. Love to all xxx

corblimeymadam Tue 27-Nov-12 15:50:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

corblimeymadam Tue 27-Nov-12 15:52:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HaveToWearHeels Tue 27-Nov-12 16:36:39

LoubLou Lovely to hear from you but sorry you too have not been successful. I think it takes time to adjust and constantly go from relief that this is it, to sadness that I will never be pregnant again, on a weekly if not daily basis.
I think as we already have beautifull girls we have to be thankfull don't we ?
But I must say, I had DD1 at 39, and pregnant again at 41 so still time ..........

belgian what a lovely story, just goes to show doesn't it ! I have read that pre menapause we have a fertility spert where our bodies chuck out our remaining eggs, but his also brings about a higher increase in multiple babies...eeeek twins and 43 scares me half to death lol

Redbird12 Wed 28-Nov-12 18:10:30

Hi heels and lou good to catch up again. We are still TTC again after the 2 mc's earlier this year. We had tests which all came back as normal and I had acupuncture but still no luck in TTC despite conceiving fairly easily previously.

I am almost at the point of wanting to give up because I hate the way it has taken over my life the last few months and means I can never plan anything eg holidays, whether to throw myself into work and focus on getting promoted.

But I am 37 and am worried that I will regret it in a few years if we don't keep trying whilst we still have the opportunity. I am trying not to get too stressed about it as I know this will just make TTC even harder.

Just debating booking a really nice holiday for next summer....then I either have something to look forward to or end up cancelling it for a good reason!

MrsHerculePoirot Sun 30-Dec-12 21:51:44

I'm a bit late to the catching up party. Sadly no joy here either. I am thinking of going to GP in Jan, not sure it will help but I sort of want to know it won't happen so I can move on. We are also having a break from the fertility monitor, but might return to it soon. Happy 2013 though to everyone!

Redbird12 Sat 19-Jan-13 13:19:57

Just a further update from a BFP last weekend and now 5 weeks pg so keeping everything crossed that this one sticks. Think it was an Xmas Day conception!
Hope everyone else is well and 2013 is a better year for us all smile

99momo Tue 25-Mar-14 18:56:10

Sorry to hear about your loss. I went through the same many years ago. I had one healthy child at age 33 and waited too long to have another one. I had a miscarriage at aged 39 at about 8 weeks and then my second pregnancy I was 40 years old and i managed to get to 13 weeks and the third pregnancy i was about 8 weeks again. It is awful to be told when you have a scan. After that I went through all sorts of fertility treatment for one to two years and no luck with a second pregnancy.

Best advice i can give is to focus on your one child at the moment.

Laura170609 Tue 08-Jul-14 19:44:20

Hi All

I know this is an old thread but I am desperately looking for some comfort. I found out I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks. At 7 weeks I was admitted to hospital with a possible ectopic pregnancy.
They gave me an early scan and confirmed that baby was perfectly healthy, where it should be and had a healthy little heartbeat.
I had smallest amount of blood on Sunday (11 weeks) and went straight to hospital, they examined me and said the neck of the womb was closed and that was a really good indication that all was well, but they wanted to scan me the following day just to be on the safe side.
After hearing this i felt reassured. Bleeding was a minimum and I had no pains at all.
The following day (yesterday) Myself and my partner went for the ultrasound, and was told there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks.
We are devastated and I am feeling mixed emotions, from angry to upset. What did i do wrong? Will this effect future possible pregnancies? What do they do next?
I ran out of the hospital as soon as they told me and now they have asked me to return to discuss my options sad
Choosing how to take my baby out of me is hardest decision I will ever have to make? I either let nature take its course and let the baby fall away , i can go for an op (whilst awakw) and have them remove all of the pregnancy or I can be put to sleep ????
Please can anyone help , Im so scared sad

Catlover2014 Tue 08-Jul-14 22:37:25

laura I am so sorry you've lost your baby. I know this is one of hardest things you can go through and I can see how heartbroken you are.

You haven't done anything wrong and none of this is your fault. It's just so cruel and unfair.

How you go about treatment is up to you and you must do what feels right. I have had to two mmcs, one was natural and the other was surgical management. For me the surgical route was much better and it's what I will opt for if I mc again.

You're going to need to take time of work (at least two weeks) so call in tomorrow and make arrangements for that. Don't be silly and rush back to work like I did. I still haven't recovered and it was months ago.

A mc doesn't affect your fertility or reduce chances for the future. In fact just under 50% of women will mc at some point in their lives.

If you want to PM me do feel free, my heart goes out to you. And please don't be hard on yourself. This isn't your fault.

Lots of hugs xxxx

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