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6 RMC's in 3 years, No DC - Can't face Christmas

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MsJL Thu 22-Dec-11 10:51:05

I don't know what to say really. I thought I was doing well but today I feel completely overwhelmed. I don't know what to do with myself I am so sad. It is really hard for others to understand how I'm feeling. It's my birthday in a few days too (cue even the crap eggs drying up). I have had every test going. There is nothing out there that will help. I am fed up of hearing people's tales of 'and then we did this and everything was ok'. I'm not sure why I'm even posting this.

PrettyCandlesAndTinselToo Thu 22-Dec-11 10:56:25

You're right, it's no comfort when people go on that way. MCs are the pits. Be gentle on yourself. {{{hugs}}}.

lemonsherbet Sun 25-Dec-11 07:57:45

Did not want to let this go unanswered. I am in a similar situation 3 miscarriages and no children. I too find this hard. Christmas is about family and children. The number of Tv adverts for Toys etc go up which I feel makes me more aware of my childlessness. So what I am trying to say is I think what you are feeling is normal. I am finding it hard this year to. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

StillSquiffy Sun 25-Dec-11 08:07:01

I had 7 mcs , and body clock was against me too, so I certainly do know howyou feel.

It's really shit and lots of people say the wrong thing all the time. And everyone you know swans round popping them out (or so it seems).

Look after yourself, and don't give up.

TheAvocadoOfWisdom Sun 25-Dec-11 08:13:56


wellieboots Mon 26-Dec-11 07:32:32

Hugs, so sorry xxx

birdofthenorth Mon 26-Dec-11 23:30:51

Hugs. That's just awful. I'm sorry. I wish you strength xx

ostrovityanka Tue 27-Dec-11 01:29:39

It hurts like hell. Like nothing else... Sometimes it's ok to give in and just cry, or break a few plates... My heart goes out to you. I am sorry. I wish you strengh and courage. Hugs.

Dunnitt Wed 11-Jan-12 14:54:56

Hi MSJL - how are you now? Have you thought about counselling. Do you know The misscarriage association run groups? And there may be one in your area. I'm going to one on Monday at Guys hospital. Their website will tell you more.

MsJL Mon 06-Feb-12 12:41:36

I just wanted to belatedly thank you for bothering to reply to me. I realise I didn't leave much room for positivity. The miscarriage association have hardly any groups throughout the country. Dunnit I'm really happy that you have been able to find support at Guys and I hope that is a help to you. I think the group at Guys is the only one in London and it's nowhere near where I work and I then have a fairly lengthy commute home to Kent. One of the things I feel quite strongly about is the lack of support for those who suffer the experience of RMC. I was denied counselling my local GP when I asked for it after mc 5. It's pretty horrific that people who go through this experience have to fight so hard for any kind of help. I wish you all the best and thank you for your kindness.

Sweetspice Mon 06-Feb-12 19:02:55

Dear MsJL, Just came across your post and my heart goes out to you!! I have myself had RMC and I know how devastating it all is. I have mentioned before on here a doctor called Paul Armstrong at The Portland. He does a special immune treatment which I know has a very high success rate where it is appropriate. Maybe it's worth speaking to him? I can't tell you how much he helped me and I am lucky to now have DD and DS.

MsJL Fri 05-Oct-12 18:37:49

I'm going to do a separate post but I just wanted to let anyone searching for a thread like this know that I am now mum to a beautiful DD born in September. I feel so blessed. I had no treatment or medication - number 7 was just lucky for me. Much love to anyone going through this.

AnyFucker Fri 05-Oct-12 18:43:00

I have had a shitty day, but the update to this thread has just made it a whole lot Ibetter. Congratulations!

MainlyMaynie Fri 05-Oct-12 18:49:08

Aw, that's brilliant news. I was reading through the thread hoping there would be a happy update. I have a toddler DS after a long period of infertility and mc and still feel amazingly blessed.

givemeaclue Fri 05-Oct-12 19:02:35

What a lovely outcome

Asmywhimsytakesme Fri 05-Oct-12 19:03:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

avaj Fri 05-Oct-12 20:31:26

That is lovely news, congratulations.
It gives me hope to think about trying again.

Geekster Fri 05-Oct-12 21:02:36

Just stumbled across this thread. Massive congratulations number seven was lucky for me too. I had my dd in March.

Toothiepeg Fri 05-Oct-12 21:05:38

What lovely news. I've had a crap day too. Thank you for brightening it.

StuckInTheFensAwayFromHome Fri 05-Oct-12 21:17:03

Aww brought tears to my eyes... So happy for you and your family. And that it gives hope for others that there can be a happy ending.

Helpyourself Fri 05-Oct-12 21:27:00

Another stumbler upon with teary eyes. I'm so happy for you.

deleted203 Fri 05-Oct-12 21:32:51

OP I am really sorry for your pain. And I can appreciate how you feel about Christmas. Is there any way you and DH could jet off somewhere else for Christmas? Canaries, say? Get away from the traditional 'family orientated' English Christmas. Or if that is not a possibility can you do something really 'adult'? Something that the two of you together would really enjoy that wouldn't be possible with children. I really hope you have a nice birthday, despite all the sadness. Try and think of it as just a special 'you' day, rather than being another year older. wine

deleted203 Fri 05-Oct-12 21:35:09

Oh, golly - so sorry. I didn't realise that your first post was from a year ago. And I am SO, SO, pleased that you now have a beautiful daughter. I mis-read the post and thought that your fabulous news about a baby was someone different offering you hope. Really, really happy for you.

scotlass Fri 05-Oct-12 21:36:33

What a lovely update.

I hadn't seen your original thread and was feeling sad as RMC is just the pits and there is no words that can soothe. However your precious DD is a star and hopefully gives hope to those who are in similar situation.

Morebounceperounce Fri 05-Oct-12 21:44:42

smile What wonderful news, so so pleased for you OP. I hope you and your family are looking forwards to Christmas this year much more.

Wishing you every happiness.

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