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Early Scan - 6 weeks 5 days showing 5 wks 4 - Your stories?

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working9while5 Sat 22-Oct-11 09:25:27


Early scan this week due to severe hip pain which I am fairly sure is sacroiliac joint pain but wanted to rule out ectopic before going on hols.

I am 100% sure of dates. Have 24-25 day cycle, only had sex on CD 13 and got BFP on CD 26 so it can't be late ovulation. I got a BFN at CD 23 so I am pretty sure OV would have been 18th.

Gestational sac was 14-15mm
Yolk sac was 3.1mm
fetal pole was 4.6mm
Heartbeat was observed - 115bpm

Sonographer dated it was 5 wks 4 days, was very sure and said it was my dates were wrong.. but I can't see how they could be with my short cycle, need a 10-12 day luteal phase surely?

I would like to hear good and bad. I know in my heart that no one can say anything that will make it more or less likely that this pregnancy wil continue, what will be will be and that would be true with or without this early scan. But it seems to help me prepare either way.

Also, when would you rescan? We scheduled one for a month's time based on sonographer's recommendation but I really would rather NOT have a mmc, so am considering holding out til 12 weeks so that I am more sure of outcome. Risk is that this could be a mmc and it will be much later and maybe more traumatic, but I don't want a positive 9 week scan and then a miscarriage later. I hate early pregnancy! Actually, I hate pregancy! Just want a lil baby...

banana87 Sat 22-Oct-11 12:46:57

I was told my dates were out by a week when I went for a very early scan at a similar gestation. They saw a small fetal pole but no hb. I went back at 7 weeks, and they stuck with my dates and we saw a hb. Went back at 9 weeks and was put a week ahead (back to my dates!). I am now 35 weeks and measuring 4 weeks ahead (!). There seems to be no logic to it, in early pregnancy it is so easy to get the measurements wrong as the thing they are measuring is so so so small. TRY and relax, easier said than done I know, and go for a re-scan in 2 weeks smile


KatAndKit Sat 22-Oct-11 12:47:29

According to table two, most of your measurements tally up more with an average of 42 days gestation, which is six weeks. The fact you have seen a heartbeat above 100 is very reassuring in any scenario. Of course there are no guarantees but a lot of miscarriages happen before a heartbeat is detected, or no embryo ever forms. You are now out of the "blighted ovum" category at any rate.

I would rescan after two weeks. And once you get a positive 9 week scan you are very unlikely to miscarry later. 9 weeks is an excellent time for a reassurance scan.

working9while5 Sat 22-Oct-11 13:16:26

Thanks, these are really reassuring... I know no guarantees, ever, but it is better to have things to think positively about while you don't know better. Much appreciated!

Moominsummermadness Sat 22-Oct-11 14:20:51

My story wasn't as reassuring, I'm afraid. I have 24 day cycles. I was pretty sure that I ovulated on CD 13, we last had sex on CD 15. I went for a scan after some brown spotting when by my dates I would have been 6 weeks, a tiny gestational sac was seen, measuring 5mmx6mmx7mm, so I was dated at 5 weeks. I had to have a trans-vaginal scan for it to be seen (and I am slim, so nothing to do with my build). They said to come back in 13 days to be re-scanned, the larger sac could be seen abdominally, but again, had to have a trans-vaginal scan to see the embryo, and it took a while to find. It measured 6.7mm, so was dated at 6 weeks 4 days. They didn't measure the heart-rate, but it did have a heart-beat. Sadly, when I went for my 12 week scan, it was a mmc- baby had died at 7+1. I had had the brown loss almost all of the time. If I am lucky enough to get pregnant again, I would have a reassurance scan at about 8 or 9 weeks, the chances of miscarriage at that stage when a heartbeat is seen is much lower. Good luck, hope it all works out well for you. x

working9while5 Sat 22-Oct-11 14:31:29

I am sorry to hear that Moomin, but it seems a bit harsh that when you were so small for dates on a transvaginal scan, without optimal growth between the first and second scans that they let you go until the 12th week having brown loss all that time! It must have been very hard and they really could have reassured you more or at least scanned you again at 9 or 10 weeks so you knew it was over... I wish you every luck in getting pregnant again x

Moominsummermadness Sat 22-Oct-11 17:06:35

It was awful, I saw the GP at 10 weeks, had been gradually losing symptoms, and had a really bad gut feeling. She told me that as I had been bleeding all along but had seen the heartbeat, she was sure that everything was going to be ok, and wouldn't refer me for another early scan. What a joke! I ended up having an ERPC 11 days ago, had to go back to Dr this week for some antibiotics, but thankfully bleeding seems to be settling down now so hopefully I will be back to normal again soon. I know what you mean about hating early pregnancy! Thank you. x

working9while5 Sun 23-Oct-11 13:15:45

The NHS is an ass sometimes Moomin. They think that two weeks is no big deal either way when of course it makes a massive psychological difference at the time as does how you find out.

working9while5 Sun 23-Oct-11 13:17:26

ps hope you feel recovered emotionally and physically as soon as possible.

BikeRunSki Sun 23-Oct-11 13:30:08

I have had early scans in both pg, both underestimated me by about ten days, later proven wrong by dating scan and birth.

Good lucky.

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