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still showing pregnant on test after mmc?

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pep124 Thu 20-Oct-11 12:39:50

Just after a bit of advice really please.
I was told two weeks ago that I'd had a mmc, the day before I was due to have my 12wk scan. I chose to have the operation the following day, but in the morning everything started happening naturally so ended up going down that route in the hospital.
I had to go back to hospital today, didn't know why, and they did a pregnancy test. It came up as being positive. They said I have to do another in 5 days and go back in if it's still positive.
Is this normal? Just my body taking a while to sort itself out? And if it is still positive what will happen next week do you think?
Sorry to ask you ladies, I know I should ask the hospital staff but I don't like to make a fuss and also it brings back bad memories, so kind of just wanted to get out of there asap.I also haven't really cried yet and get scared if I ask them tricky questions it might open the floodgates...
I'm doing this on my own (family and bf abroad) so genuinely any advice would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance everyone. Would have been lost without this site over the last couple of weeks....

banana87 Thu 20-Oct-11 14:07:01

Sorry for your loss.

I think that hormone levels take varying amounts of time to go down, and given the sensitivity of HPT's, it can take weeks to get a negative test.

I tested positive 2 weeks following a mc, and my consultant sent me for a scan. The scan showed 'something' but they weren't sure what, so did a blood HCG test. The levels were high, but not indicative of a molar pregnancy. So I had a repeat scan and blood test 2 weeks later. Same thing. HCG levels had fallen, but barely. I was now 6 weeks post mc and pissed off. I ended up with a hysteroscopy to remove the 'something', which turned out to be a little remaining piece of placenta, enough to cause HCG levels in my body. Following this, I had a negative test and period quite quickly. I fell pregnant 2 months later and am now 35 weeks.

Thats not to say it will be the same in your case, it could just mean that your levels are taking their time falling, and I suppose it depends on how high they were to begin with as well. It's good that the hospital are keeping close watch on you, it sounds like you will get good care.

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