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Trying again after mc, will things be different now???

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XboxWidow30 Thu 20-Oct-11 12:36:06

I mc 2 weeks ago. Dh was adamant that we weren't going to try again but has now changed his mind and was just worried that I need to look after myself etc....

I have been lucky in that it never takes me long to fall pg but this has been my first mc after 4 children. Will things be different? Any advice much appreciated. xx

Moominsarescary Thu 20-Oct-11 14:37:30

It could be ok next time, I've mc twice at 6/8 weeks and gone on to have sons straight after, one of the things to consider is how would you feel if the same happened again so soon? Sorry for your loss x

Dolliedaydream Thu 20-Oct-11 20:59:06

Sorry for your loss x
I know after my mc in august all I wanted to do was get pregnant again, my doc and dh told me to wait another cycle, I was angry with him cause I was desperate to try again and as i am just 42 i felt my time is running out. Now I am glad we didn't because the fog has really lifted in the last few weeks and I think I am more able to deal with things next time round.

I have 3 dc and always conceived easily so I had a naive view that all would go well. Even though I am still waiting for my app with doc and post mortem results we were ttc last weekend, I have decided to stop googling statistics and go with the amazing capacity to hope!

I have found so many people in rl who have had mcs and gone on to have more I would say when you are ready try again, I think there will be apprehension but that doesnt affect the outcome. Good Luck x

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