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Private recurrent miscarriage tests and treatment.

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Sassymum21 Thu 13-Oct-11 22:56:58

Has anyone gone completely private for their tests and treatment for recurrent miscarriages? If you have I would really like to know how much approx you spent in total.
I know the initial consultation is around £180 but dont know where the costs end for the all tests and treatment.
If you dont feel comfortable disclosing how much you spent on the thread please private message me.
I have had fairly ropey NHS treatment for my miscarriages and would really like to try private but I dont have any private health insurance so willl have to self fund.

farfallarocks Fri 14-Oct-11 09:26:17

sassy I am seeing Mr Raj Rai privately at St Mary's in London.

His initial consultation is £200.
The tests for HD and I (blood tests) have been £800
Ultrasound will be £200
Not sure about the follow up but its less than £200

My insurance has covered the consultations and the ultrasounds.
I can't tell you if it has been worth it yet as I don't get the results until 3rd November but it has certainly made me feel better to be doing something and not standing still. I manage to see him after 10 days, blood tests the week later. The results take 3 weeks because of how they do one of the tests so I think the time lines are pretty good.

Good luck

Sassymum21 Mon 17-Oct-11 22:34:51

Thank you Farfallarocks. That amount is much less than I had anticipated and i'm really glad to know that I could get the ball rolling so soon and on only one credit card smile I know what you mean about doing something. I feel I really need to focus on keeping going and trying to be positive. The losses, the lack of control and just the absolute horror of the experiences sometimes threathen to engulf and just getting on with it and trying to engage with it as something that might be helped gives me a better sense of purpose. After my recent experiences at my local hospital I'd like to try somewhere else and thanks to your info I can start to take the first steps. Best of luck with your tests. hopefully we will meet again soon on a pregenancy thread! Thanks again for answering my question.

farfallarocks Tue 18-Oct-11 09:29:45

Yes agreed, see you in pregnancy shortly, best of luck with it smile

Dozer Wed 19-Oct-11 20:02:48

Hi sassymum, the hospitals should all be able to send a price list by test. There are usually small extra charges for things like phlebotomy. The most expensive tests are the "karyotyping" ones for you and your partner (about £800 I think), but these are "standard" in the nhs.

I spent about £1500 in total, at st mary's, this excluded the karyotyping ones (which we had done on the nhs) but included an hsg done by a specialist doctor and three appointments with mr rai. Ultrasound by a doctor would have been an additional £350 or so I think.

It is fine to have some done by the nhs and some private.

Dozer Wed 19-Oct-11 20:04:48

Know exactly how you feel, for me it was hugely helpful going somewhere that felt was good. Local (big london) hospital were dismissive.

Be aware that some of the more contraversial tests (eg "natural killer cells") cost a lot. They don't do these at st mary's.

farfallarocks Thu 20-Oct-11 09:05:54

dozer just wanted to say thank you for the st marys tip, as you can see I am seeing them at the moment and so far I am extremely impressed with them and Raj Rai (who is also just the loveliest man which makes a difference when feeling fragile!)

FYI we have done karotyping privately and it was £250 each so around £500.

Coconutfeet Mon 24-Oct-11 11:14:47

I've been seeing Mr Shehata privately in Harley St and the costs are very similar to those mentioned above. I saw the Recurrent miscarriage clinic at my local hospital and they ran some tests and told me everything had come back normal and to just keep trying. I had heard that he was happy to use any test results you already had, but when I took the results to Mr Shehata he basically said that they were incomplete and I had to have them all done again. I guess it just depends on how good your local hospital is on this issue. Thiose tests were around £800, plus the consultation. The results showed a whole range of problems. The good news is that I'm now pregnant and things seem to be going well so far and he is very confident. I'm sure I would have just continued to miscarry if I hadn't had the treatment.

I chose him because after reading around the subject I had a feeling that I might have a problem with killer cells and he specialises in this. He sees you every couple of weeks once you are pregnant and, although it's expensive, I've found the constants scans very reassuring. He hands you back to the NHS at around 16 weeks. I reckon we've spent around £3000 in total.

His website is here if you're interested.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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