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Dr chewing gum - would it bother you?

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PicaK Wed 12-Oct-11 18:17:31

I have read some of the posts on here open mouthed at the insensitive treatment doctors have dished out.

In retrospect, it seems churlish/picky to resent the fact that the doctor who confirmed there was no longer a heartbeat and was advising me on the options was noisily chewing gum all the time.

I just resent the fact that this is what I remember and I wasn't really listening to what was said - I guess I was in shock and my mind would have found some other small detail to focus on.

But part of me wants to stamp my feet, poke him in the chest and say Really? If someone you loved died would you want the person discussing how to dispose of their body to be chewing gum?


grumplestilskin Wed 12-Oct-11 18:19:16

YANBU I would never be happy to be seen by a doctor chewing gum but in those circumstances it is very disrespectful!

bugsylugs Tue 18-Oct-11 21:04:03

Think it is very poor and not very professional I would be annoyed too. Unfortunately these images can stay with you for a long time .Still flipping mad whe I think about the SHO who was wearing dirty ripped jeans on xmas day when nanna was very unwell. Met him a couple of years later professionally, my senior wanted to know what was wrong as I started shaking, told the offending SHO mind you he had smartened up by then.

So sorry for your loss

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