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How long after an ERPC does your body go back to normal??

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Hobbit77 Wed 12-Oct-11 09:06:06

Hi everyone, totally new to this so please bare with me..... 5 weeks ago I was booked into the EPU to have a scan, the week before my booked 12 week scan as I had been getting cramps & then a pink discharge. My scan revealed what they thought was an embryonic pregnancy but they wanted me to wait a week to see if there was any further growth & I was to have another scan. It was the longest week ever & the scan revealed that everything was still growing but there was no baby. I was booked in for an ERPC the next day as I couldnt face waiting for everything to happen naturally. All went well with the operation apart from getting an infection afterwards for which I was given antibiotics. My monthly cycle still hasnt started & wondered how long it would take to come back to normal? The last week I have had symptoms like I had when I was pregnant & my partner thinks im pregnant again but im trying to block it out as I dont want to take a test because my hormones are probably still over the place. This situation seems to be never ending & it feels like everyone I know is pregnant at the moment sad

KatAndKit Wed 12-Oct-11 10:08:40

It can take six weeks to get your period back after an erpc. Some people take even longer without anything actually being wrong. If you haven't had one by six weeks then it is worth taking a test but I wouldn't bother before that point. Although the pregnancy hormone probably isn't in your system any more, taking pregnancy tests after a miscarriage is very difficult emotionally.

Very sorry for your loss and hope you are back to normal soon.

Hobbit77 Wed 12-Oct-11 10:26:24

Thank youKatAndKit. I wouldnt take a pregnancy test as im still trying to get my head around everything as it is & to get a negative would just knock me back I think. Still feel like im in limbo but will get there in the end. Thanks again smile

MeKathryn Wed 12-Oct-11 15:12:41

I'm 5 weeks past my mmc at my 11 week scan too and have been doing pg tests so I know I'm negative before I start ttcing again. I've only just got a negative today so it takes a while for the hormones to go.


Hobbit77 Thu 13-Oct-11 08:35:40

Thanks for that info MeKathryn thanks. Maybe it would be an idea to do a test just so I get a negative response & then fingers crossed we will get a positive soon. All so difficult to decide what to do for the best. Fingers crossed for us both that good things will happen soon wink

Hobbit77 Sat 15-Oct-11 14:39:39

For the last week I have had signs like I did when I was pregnant before so just to put my mind at ease I did a test on Thursday just to get what I thought would be a negative but it showed to be a positive, CB 1-2 weeks pregnant which would tie in when we were ttc. I thought I would wait a week to see what the 2nd test would show but today I had a bleed & some cramps but its all stopped again.....any advice?? confused

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