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Miscarriage follow up is very important!

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RCW1 Tue 11-Oct-11 12:02:33

Well done on the miscarriage campaign it is very much needed. I would add that follow-up to early miscarriage diagnosis is very important. I had 2 miscarriages inbetween my 2 children 1 of which was incomplete as I had a scan in RUH Bath and was sent home to have a 'natural' miscarriage that was April 2004 and in October I was rushed into hospital with ongoing bleeding which I had been told could be due to my body settling down and 'hormonal flushing' in fact my womb still had a part of the placenta and my body thought I was still pregnant. I was very ill and my consultant said he had no idea how I'd stayed as healthy as I did and not got toxic shock syndrome (v serious !) As I did get to see a consultant with this he said it was quite rare and sent off for biopsy in itself scary! I was told it was a blighted ovum that had gone wrong very early on, I would never have known this from the early pregnancy unit I was very lucky as I get BUPA cover with work so went in for a D&C immeadiately. Following year I had a 'normal' miscarriage but had a D & C straight away and requested the same consultant who was great. I am happy to say that I now have my 2nd child but I have to say that miscarriages are devastating and few people understand and can support you unless they have been through it. There are no easy answers just give yourself and your body time to get over it and look after yourself. I was very lucky and now have a lovely 5 year old boy but the loss is still raw when I think about it. My heart goes out to you all-take care. x

WeLoveHaribo Mon 17-Oct-11 10:40:33

This is all too close for me at present. sad My sister has just found out that she is to have major surgery for the poss 'mess up' her miscarriage left her in.
She has no children, been trying for years, has had two miscarriages, one dealt with at home early on second was hospitalised, but NEVER did they do a scan. And now it seems that somehow something was left behind and has caused infection. She has to have 3 op's (and they may find more problems when open her up) but one of them is removal of tubes, so shes never going to have children and been told chances of ivf working are very slim. Gutted is not the word angry

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