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Miscarriage does it get easier?

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beeprepared Fri 07-Oct-11 21:50:59

Weird question but I've had a mmc, an ectopic and this week another ERPC for a mmc. This time I am not crying all the time and feel like a bit of a fraud for being off work. I feel like i could probably go back to work but I'm worried about a delayed reaction.
I know miscarriage etc is awful but do you think it gets easier after several because you protect yourself from being as attached?

LIG1979 Sat 08-Oct-11 07:47:01

So sorry about your losses. Are you eligible for testing now?

I had a mmc in april and a chemical in august so nothing like you went through. But with the mmc it was terrible - it was such a shock, the next few years of my life plans were ruined and from a medical view everything was new and scary. With the chemical, I got a bfp and I did not even think about due dates, 12 week scan etc, and more wondered how long it will last - when the tests didn't go darker and then I got an AF I was a little upset but glad it happened so quickly. I imagine next time I get pg it will be a long time before I associate a bfp with a baby.

I really hope now testing finds an easy to solve problem and that your next pregnancy is a good one!

BloodandScumatron Sat 08-Oct-11 08:03:50

I don't think easier is the right word.

Personally, I felt less emotionally invested in each pg (and subsequent mc) there was never any excitement or planning for an actual baby.

My tears were replaced by a lot of anger.

As lig said above, I wouldn't associate a bfp with a baby anymore sad

Are you having tests? It can be a long and emotionally draining experience but I found it gave me something to focus on while ttc.

freelancegirl Sun 09-Oct-11 19:24:05

Hi Bee so sorry you are going through this again. I've had two mcs this year (after two a long time ago - no children as yet) and although the first this year was a shock and I just felt so awful (like LIG says above) the second one was somewhat more manageable emotionally as I was prepared for it. I was prepared for it in two ways - firstly I had had early scans and it was clearly nothing was growing. I got to 8 weeks with a 5-6 week sac before I had an ERPC. The previous one was a lot more painful physically and emotionally because of the shock and also a very painful, natural miscarriage.

I felt exactly the same as you though. A bit numb after the second one. Yes there were tears but in a way I do feel it was more manageable. That said I had had time to mentally prepare for it going wrong this time due to their being no growth. I was waiting for it to bite me in the ass at a later date and cause me to lose the plot but 7-8 weeks later and I am still feeling ok. Sad of course, when I think about it, and frustrated that I seem to be having recurrent mcs, but not mourning for the loss as much as I was the last time. So I guess the answer from me is yes it is better this time and I think part of that is self preservation. It's still pretty shit though! But don't beat yourself up for not feeling as bad as the first couple of times. I do hope it works out for you xx

Moominsarescary Sun 09-Oct-11 23:17:07

My first mc was 9 years ago at 8 weeks , 7 years after ds 1 was born, ds2 was born a year later. My 2 nd was last June and I got pregnant 2 months later with ds 3, its difficult to explain but it's like I try not to think to much about being pregnant till the 12 week scan so in some ways I'd say I have a bit of expectancy that something might go wrong in the early weeks.

I think this is natural and in no way means that you feel less for the babies you loose but more of a coping mechanism for yourself if that makes sense?

I'm sorry for your losses I've just lost my 4 th ds at 20 weeks and have found talking about it on here and finding people who have been through the same thing is realy helping me x x

freelancegirl Sun 09-Oct-11 23:37:06

Moomins were we on the Pregnancy post MC thread together? I am so, so sorry to hear about your late loss. Do they know how it happened? I hope you have lots of RL support and support on here too. I can't imagine how awful that must have been for you.

But yes Bee, Moomins is right I think about trying not to think about being pregant. I have never got further than 12 weeks but next time I think I will be trying to do the same thing - remain curiously as detached as possible. It's not easy though sometimes.

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