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Miscarriage Advice

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LilyMacD Wed 05-Oct-11 08:59:05

I'm in the process of miscarrying at 5/6 wks pregnant and just looking for some basic advice/words of wisdom! I had stomach pains on Friday then bleeding started on Monday morning, it's getting heavier each day but no pains.

The MW at the EPAS I spoke to on the phone was sympathetic but brief so I didn't get the chance to ask much - how long is bleeding likely to last? Can I use tampons or safer to use towels? Is the 'baby' likely to come out (sorry TMI)? And how long should we wait before trying again?

I am feeling okay emotionally although 22 month DD isn't sleeping so we're a bit frazzled. Would be grateful for advice - appreciate so many have had much worse experiences.

eaglewings Wed 05-Oct-11 09:04:23

So sorry to hear you news

Advice I was given when in same situation

Only use towels, if you have to change them every half hour phone for advice or go in to clinic or A&E

Bleeding normally lasts up to 2 weeks (although thankfully mine was less)

You may pass some blood clots but the baby at 6 weeks is only a few mm so it's not shocking

Take pain killers if needed, it won't be forever

Take it easy, hard with a young toddler!

If in doubt, phone

Take a pregnancy test after 2 weeks to check

sooz3101 Wed 05-Oct-11 11:10:02

So sorry for your loss,I have just gone through the same,I was 8 weeks but baby had stopped developing at 6 weeks,it's been exactly a week today and the bleeding is just about stopped,it was pretty heavy on the second day,I took co codamol for the pain but for me it wasn't too bad.

Hope you can start to feel better soon and wish you every luck in the future.

yeahyeahitsallmyfault Wed 05-Oct-11 21:31:07

Sorry to hear you've had a rough time, but to answer from my experience:

how long is bleeding likely to last? - my longest was 6 weeks (I was only 8 weeks pregnant but my worst MC). Just to add I also did a pregnancy test after MC2 and was still ‘pregnant’ after 4 weeks although I had stopped bleeding. I wasn’t pregnant (scan had confirmed no heartbeat), but I needed a period to ensure everything had gone (TMI). A negative test will confirm it’s all complete.
Can I use tampons or safer to use towels? - The advice is to use towels. TBH if you observe good hygiene and change it regularly then it should be OK to use a tampon. (I felt I couldn't face the evidence EVERY time I went to the loo and mentally tampons were easier after a couple of weeks)
Is the 'baby' likely to come out (sorry TMI)? - It can, but it doesn't look like a baby, especially not at 6 weeks. However, it's unlikely you'll notice.
And how long should we wait before trying again? - this is the most important point. I've had it on good authority (leading fertility consultant) that you DO NOT need to wait for any medical reason. The advice to wait 3 months is out of date, but you'll definitely hear that. My DD2 was conceived immediately after my 4th MC. She is bright and healthy (cruising at 7 months so nothing wrong with her). I used ovulation sticks after my MC (after preg test showed I was finished) to find out when I ovulated and went for it. My consultant said you are possibly more fertile so we thought, why not and bingo!
Good luck.x

LilyMacD Wed 05-Oct-11 21:54:44

Thanks for all your lovely replies and reassurance smile It's all been a bit of a shock as my first pregnancy was straightforward. Hopefully we'll be back on track soon. Heading home to my mum's for a few days so we'll be well looked after.

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