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warning- TMI- miscarried ,found it traumatic, will this be all over now?

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frazzled74 Mon 03-Oct-11 09:25:53

long story, went for 12 week scan over a week ago and was told fetus had either stopped developing at 6-7 weeks or i had dates wrong, was told to wait and see, rescan in 10 days, started bleeding, 4 days of old brown blood, then 2 days of red and large clots with cramps and lower pelvic pain,then bleeding stopped i thought i had miscarried. went for a re scan on day 7 and was told fetus was developing and hadnt miscarried, told to rest and be hopeful that development would continue and hb would be found at next scan 1 week later. The next day bleeding started and was so bad, v large clots, so i went to A and E, they gave me cocodamol and told me to go home, bleeding would be like a heavy period for a day or 2, and to keep scan appointment in case needed a d and c. I went home and suddenly had contractions and passed a very large solid clot, bigger than my fist. since then pains are awful (cocodamol not working) and bleeding still heavy. I think i am just worried that there will still be more to come (clots,pain) , will i need d and c?, does it sound like a 7 week miscarriage or a 13 week one? was the large clot a placenta? I feel so sad at losing this baby but also feel as if the whole experience was so traumatic, i dont know how women cope with recurrent miscarriage, they are so brave. I really want to be pregnant again but dont know if im strong enough to deal with miscarriage again!

SpottyWellies Mon 03-Oct-11 09:38:04

Oh frazzled that sounds so awful, please call your gp/nhs direct or someone for advice.

It sounds as though the worst is probably over now and with any luck you won't need a d&c but I'm not medically qualified.

Unfortunately you probably won't ever know for sure re dates/age of pg.

Big big hugs, take one day/hour/min at a time....I have been there too- told at 10wk scan pg had stopped at 6ish wks.

SpottyWellies Mon 03-Oct-11 09:41:25

And if it helps at all, out if my circle of v gd friends getting pg at a similar time we alll had 1 mc, we now all have 1 or more DCs.

Please be kind to yourself. More big big gentle hugs

farfallarocks Mon 03-Oct-11 12:48:04

Large clots should defintiely be investigated, is there someone with you? Can you go to the EPU? So sorry sad

sooz3101 Mon 03-Oct-11 13:16:13

So sorry this has happened to you,hopefully the worst is over,this has just happened to me so I know how you feel,take care and wishing you all the luck in the future.

SpottyWellies Mon 03-Oct-11 22:09:06

Thinking of you frazzled, I hope you are doing ok and manage a more peaceful night tonight x

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