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MillontheFloss Sun 02-Oct-11 21:20:42


I could probably find info on this if I searched but have a quick Q about post ERPC AF. Had ERPC about 23 days ago, light bleeding on and off for around 9/10 days afterwards and did one test to make sure all was over about a week ago- definite BFN. I think AF has started today but incredibly light, infrequent and pale brown/ slightly watery red on wiping (sorry TMI!). Does this sound like AF? Want to get on with TTC after this cycle so want to make sure this is it! Have had about two weeks bleed free and obviously the BFN so hoping it is! Any advice most appreciated. Pre preg and MC cycle was like clockwork so finding all this uncertainty quite difficult and keen to get back in the saddle!


Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Mon 03-Oct-11 07:46:55

Millionthefloss, your post could have been mine word for word! I had ERPC on 6 Sept and starting what I think is my period yesterday. Also very light and similar in description to yours. It is very watery red / brown. I had heard that a first period after the procedure would be very heavy so I am not sure if this is to come still or what the situation is. I do think it is a real period because I have simiarl type slight crampiness.

Let's hope this is it! Though it never crossed my mind to do another preg test...

LIG1979 Mon 03-Oct-11 12:39:37

My AFs have been worryingly light since an erpc at the end of may and from speaking to others it seems like this isn't unusual. I know in the days of D&Cs they used to do it to women with heavy periods to lighten them so I am not sure if the erpc has the same effect.

After 3 very light AFs I am thinking about going to the Dr just incase it is something more sinister. Good luck.

QueenoftheVerse Mon 03-Oct-11 15:31:03

Thank god I read this thread!! I also had an erpc a few months ago, in June. My periods have been extremely light since then and I've actually just started today and was seriously thinking about booking into the Dr just in case.

Good luck and I'm going to keep checking into this thread to see how everyone gets on

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Mon 03-Oct-11 19:00:17

I am now a little heavier than yesterday but nothing like I used to be before the ERPC. However, I do remember my eldest sister having a D&C probably 35 years ago for very heavy periods. Maybe that's why we are all getting off lightly, so to speak. My surgeon said that my first period post ERPC would be very heavy though!

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