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Miscarriage at 8 weeks.

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sooz3101 Sat 01-Oct-11 16:01:12

This is my first time on mumsnet so bear with me..I had a miscarriage on Wednesday,I had some bleeding so went for an early scan where they told us that the baby had stopped developing at 5 weeks 6 days,we came home and I think I have passed everything now.I already have 3 children and have never had any problems so this has been a big shock,the thing is that I feel foolish for not knowing and still thinking I was pregnant when the baby had already died,it may sound silly but thats how I feel,I was very upset at first but now Im quite relieved that it's all gone from me..I feel awful for feeling like this though.

escapeartist Sat 01-Oct-11 19:44:39

Sooz3101 very sorry for your loss! Miscarriage is a horrible experience and you need to give yourself time to grieve.
I had a missed miscarriage (when the baby had died but my body did not expel) and I know how you feel. The thing is your body does trick you, as the placenta may still keep releasing hormones which trick you (and your body) in thinking you are pregnant.
In both my mc's I had ERPC's and both times I felt extremely relieved afterwards, so know that feeling too.
If it is any consolation your feeling are absolutely normal. Give yourself some slack and accept that mc is a horrible experience and you will need some time to recover, physically and emotionally.
All the best in your recovery.

4kidsnobump Sat 01-Oct-11 19:47:09

Sorry for your loss Sooz. Almost the exact same thing happened to me. 3 normal pregnancys, then with the 4th I had a tiny bit of bleeding at 6 weeks, just ignored it as it stopped, then more bleeding at 9 weeks, which carried on into lots of bleeding, and unmistakably a miscarriage sad

It was a horrible time, but on the plus side, decided to get straight back on with things, and fell pregnant straight away, and now have our 4th child, who is 7 weeks old smile.

I completely know what you mean about it being a big shock though. I thought after having 3 kids I was prepared for anything, but was definately not prepared for that. I also found it hard to tell anyone about it (have only actually ever told my mum) - I thought people would think I was being silly, as I already had 3 kids. Hope things work out for you and you get baby no. 4. I think my experience really made me appreciate how special babies are.

sooz3101 Sun 02-Oct-11 09:38:44

Thank you both,I have only told my mum and sister,I do feel that people would think I should think myself lucky as I have 3 healthy children,my best friend had a mc at 23 weeks last year so I also feel that people would think at least you didnt have to go through that...Both me and my husband feel we would like to try again asap,so heres hoping but I certainally won't be taking anything for granted this time xx

kat2504 Sun 02-Oct-11 10:25:04

I'm so sorry for your loss. Although you are indeed lucky to have 3 children, that does not in any way mean you don't have just the same right to grieve for this baby you have lost. It isn't reasonable for anyone to expect you just to say oh well I have kids already and not be upset about the loss of a much wanted baby.
I have had 2 missed miscarriages and there really isn't a way of knowing that it has stopped developing, so don't feel like you should have known. For most people who have a miscarriage, the baby has probably died a week or two before the hormones drop enough for the bleeding to start.

Wishing you all the best with trying again, hope you get pregnant with a sticky one very soon.

sooz3101 Sun 02-Oct-11 16:31:11

Thank you Kat,I'm so glad I found this site,it's heartbreaking to read all the stories but has given me strength and I'm staying positive xx

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