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VON6174 Sat 24-Sep-11 14:11:29

I am 37 (new to mumsnet), I have had 3 miscarriages and now I have had an ectopic, they are hoping that it will come away naturally and I am being monitored by the hospital. I was just was hoping for some reassurance that things could be ok for me. Worried about the fact I have now had 3 miscarriages and the cherry on the cake was this ectopic. I thought that not having surgery would be the better option as my body is dealing with it by itself (so it seems) but on reading more data, sounds like the poss of another ectopic is quite high. Sorry for the ramblings just needed to let it all out !

BlueMoon1981 Sat 24-Sep-11 23:35:09

Sorry I dont have any advice, but bumping for you. Very sorry for your losses. I'm sure there will be lots of girls along soon with some reassurances and happy stories. <hugs>

kat2504 Sun 25-Sep-11 08:18:31

So sorry for your losses.
From what I am aware, no matter how an ectopic is managed, your risk of having another goes up in the future. Obviously removing a tube prevents it from happening again on that side ever. But it is better to keep your tube as it will vastly increase your ability to conceive again, and even if you do conceive on the same side, the risk of another ectopic is still much smaller than the chance of an intrauterine pregnancy. You'll need early monitoring in your next pregnancy from the beginning to check it is in the right place.

Are you having any tests for recurrent miscarriage? I have just been through that, they have diagnosed a problem. I am pregnant again, 11 weeks, so far so good and I am on medication this time. Hopefully you will get testing now and they will be able to find out how to help you.

VON6174 Sun 25-Sep-11 09:08:23

Thanks Kat, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I have actually been attending St Marys clinic down in London, long and short of it is my amh levels were regarded as low (although I had a antral follical scan done elsewhere and that showed a good levels so even more confused)but the reason for my miscarriages were not found -so nothing specific. My last miscarriage was in July so the ectopic must have been in there from then. This I know due to the fact we were having tests done at St Marys we were advised not to try and get pregnant so unless it was a imaculate conception it was def from July. I had been bleeding on and off but just thought (stupidly) that bec my body had been thru 2 miscarriages one after another this year that I was just having a good old clear out ! Only reason I found out in the end was due to the fact my sister thought I looked a bit "bloated" and even then I just thought I would need a D and C to ensure everthing was away but on getting to the EPAU was told it was an ecopic. Just worry time and these events are agains me having another child. I do have a little boy and I am often told I am lucky for that, which I am, but I really want another. Thanks for listening, feels better to get it all out !!

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