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mc caused by intrauterine hematoma. anyone else?

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PicaK Thu 22-Sep-11 21:58:15

I feel so alone.

farfallarocks Fri 23-Sep-11 08:01:42

pica I have not heard of this but I just wanted to say, poor you and look after yourself. sad

escapeartist Fri 23-Sep-11 16:23:12

In both my mmc's I have had both intrauterine and more specifically subchornionic haematomas. As far as I understand and have read they are often present at the same time as a miscarriage, but it is difficult to tell if they caused the mc.

For me, after two mc's they have found the reason I miscarried and it seems to be a clotting disorder that I have (positive for three factors associated with increased blood clotting). There seems to also be some link between haematomas and clotting problems (though a lot of pregnancies have haematomas and have no problems, and a lot of haematomas have nothing to do with thrombophilia)

Take care of yourself, both body and mind, take your time getting better. I found looking at a lot of research helped me and I found it comforting to find out how common it was and how many women went on to have healthy babies. It also helped me take charge of the situation and push for investigations (some privately) which meant that after 2 mc I have a cause and potentially a treatment if/when I get pg again.

All the best for your recovery and I am sorry you find yourself here.

Tiredtrout Fri 23-Sep-11 20:23:11

Pica, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I lost my baby at 11 wks on 14/07/11 because of a haematoma that had grown large enough to surround my uterus.

Please look after yourself xx

PicaK Sun 25-Sep-11 21:14:49

Thank you.

We ran away this weekend - to center parcs - and left the phone in the car. I appreciate your responses - we are sad but getting used to it.

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