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It wasn't meant to be...

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Dolliedaydream Thu 22-Sep-11 18:29:49

I have heard this phrase so many times in the last 7 weeks, have used it a few times myself to fill in an awkward moment and even take a little comfort from it at times. I really do feel for people who don't know what to say but if I hear it once more I think I will scream!
A lovely and well meaning colleague said it today and rounded it off with 'well you'll just have to concentrate on your boys now'. Well it's true I am 41 and the pregnancy was unplanned, but most people apart from my very nearest and dearest haven't gone near the topic of ttc or not. Think I just got peeved at the assumption that I wasn't. Vent over

Mama5isalive Thu 22-Sep-11 18:47:08

Sorry for your loss and yes i have wanted to scream thousands of times when people think there words are helping but they are clueless unless dealing with it personally! and sometimes saying nothing is like they dont care at all!

be kind to you and i pray all works out for you real soon! x

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