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Waiting and waiting for follow up results

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Dolliedaydream Thu 08-Sep-11 16:41:52

I had a mmc last month at 18weeks, I feel so empty and am now over obsessing about ttc again. Didnt plan this pregnancy but was pleased, very excited when we were told twins too, scans at 12 and 14 weeks fine so it all ended some point between 14 and 18 weeks, about the time we told eveyone. I was told I was having fraternal twins but after the birth had one placenta and both boys, so seems otherwise, keep thinking at least they are together.
Overall I am really getting fed up waiting for the results of all the tests and I have so many questions, I really need to find out why if there is a reason so i can move on a little more. In the first week I had contact form my gp and midwife but I want to know if anyone knows who or what dept I could contact to speed things up or hassle. I want to try again but want to be sure the mmc wasnt caused by infection first. Would I be contacted sooner if I had had an infection?

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Fri 16-Sep-11 20:11:44

The surgeon who did my ERPC said that the hospital would only contact me if there was a problem of sorts. I reckon you should call your GP to see if s/he can get you some answers. Hope you get some sort of resolution.

sazzebu Sat 17-Sep-11 20:47:56

so sorry to hear you've been through this, like you i had a mmc about 6 weeks ago picked up at 20wk scan though think we lost our baby at about 17 weeks. i know exactly what you mean about the waiting and emptiness - its so hard to try to move on while in limbo, or know whether to ttc again. We were told the results would be 6-8 weeks and the hospital consultant would be in touch to talk us through them. We chased the hospital unit where we had the delivery last week and they just confirmed they didn't have result yet and it would be up to 8 weeks after the birth. You could try talking to the hospital suite, they might know something or at least confirm how long it will take. I hope you hear soon.

Dolliedaydream Thu 22-Sep-11 18:06:41

Sorry for your loss sazzebu, I have been a bit more pro active and got my gp to write on my behalf, also rang and spoke to the consultants sec who is chasing it..they seemed to think I still had my notes! It will be 8weeks on tues so I think that's long enough. I have had an awful week was ovulating and hormones and heart wanted to go for it but dh wants to wait, which I understand but only logically the rest of me is projecting my anger in his direction, poor love.
Hope you get your results soon, I'm hoping it will draw a bit of line under it, my brain is on constant replay with the scan and the delivery keep me awake a lot, you may be the same. Looking forward and backwards is tough, wish you the best.

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