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Extremely short cycle in second cycle after miscarriage

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AL01 Wed 07-Sep-11 17:04:39


I am rather confused. I had a mmc and D&C on 22 July. I should have been getting on for 11 weeks, but the baby had stopped growing at around 6.

I have a fairly regular 24 day cycle.

My first period came after 29 days, which I thought was about normal given that it took several days for my temperature to return to pre-ov. temps. It seemed like a normal period.

This last cycle I had spotting around ovulation, which I've never had before, and now my period has come after 18 days! I've never knowingly had a period this short.

Should I be worried, given that the first cycle was relatively normal? Or should I just put it down to my system still being out of whack after the miscarriage and D&C.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? How long did it take your body to get back to something approaching normality?


wickedorwhat Thu 08-Sep-11 16:58:40

hello, i had a mc at 6 weeks and i assumed my period would come 4 to 6 weeks after that. i have a 28 day cycle. how ever when i thought my pr=eriod was due there was just a tiny bit if pale spots and thats it. its wierd because i dont feel like i have had a period and my boobs stopped hurting etc just before i was dur. im very confused also. sorry i cant help tho!. x

wickedorwhat Thu 08-Sep-11 16:59:57

BTW im still waiting for something to happen but nothing yet and ive never missed a period so this is unusual for me

Lexie1970 Tue 13-Sep-11 14:15:36


I had ERPC a year ago and my cycles were a mess. first period 5 weeks, then 2 1/2 weeks, then nearly 9 weeks, next 4 weeks 3 days, next 2 weeks 3 days and now I am around the 3 weeks mark give or take a couple of days. I had a regular 28 day cycle prior to m/c.

I have been and had my hormone levels checked and appear to be ovulating and we are trying for another baby. Some people are really lucky and their cycles ping back and some are like me - all over the shop......

During my 9 week phase i lost count of how many hpt i did and several trips to gp who probably thought I was neurotic!!

Your periods will settle eventually just don't be too alarmed if they appear to be haywire!

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