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Blighted Ovum

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Tw1nkle Tue 06-Sep-11 13:31:52

I've just found out I've miscarriage at 10 weeks - totally gutted.
I now have 3 options apparently and I'm totally confused!!!

I can either wait, and let pregnancy pass naurally (I'm already bleeding).
I can take some tablets, then pass pregnany in hospital in a few days, or
I have have an ERPC??.

I don't like the thought of a general aneasthetic, so I was wondering if anyone had done either of the other two options, and could give me anymore info?


kat2504 Tue 06-Sep-11 14:18:01

I've had the ERPC and the tablets (ERPC at just before 11 weeks, tablets at 9 weeks)

I was scared of the operation but in fact it was very straightforward and over with very quickly. I found the medical management very very painful and that added to the general shitness of how I was feeling at that time.

If you are already bleeding then nature should take it's course soon enough anyway, but that can be quite long and drawn out for some people too.

It really is a personal decision and you should go with what you are most comfortable with and what would be least traumatic for you. Some people prefer to avoid the hospital at all costs and get on with it in the comfort of their own home, whereas others want the whole thing to be over in the shortest possible time.

I'm very sorry that you have found yourself in the horrible position of having to make this choice and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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