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ERPC 10 days ago and still bleeding...

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escapeartist Sat 03-Sep-11 08:11:42

I had my second ERPC 10 days ago and I have had light, but fairly continuous bleeding since. Last time I didn't bleed at all (and I was further along) and got my period exactly 29 days after the op.

This time I am really worried about scarring (Asherman's ) as it is my second one in only 4 months. Does the bleeding have anything to do with it? I just want to be better... I had bleeding from week 4 of pregnancy (as soon as I found out I was pregnant) which means I have now been bleeding for about 7 weeks - I've had enough and worry about my future reproductive health (despite the fact that I really, really do not want to get pg at the moment and feel like I will never want to sad )

Any advice/experience gratefully accepted!

MillontheFloss Sat 03-Sep-11 09:59:06

I can't really help but I have been looking at a lot of info re the ERPC as I'm booked in for one next Friday and it seems the bleeding can last around 2 weeks.

Sorry this has gone one so long and I hope it stops soon.

freelancegirl Sat 03-Sep-11 09:59:50

Hi Escapeartist. I can't relate personally as I have just had my first ERPC (previous 2 mcs have been natural) and I stopped bleeding more or less immediately afterwards , which freaked me out too.

All I know is that I speak to many people here who have had ERPCs and everyones experience seems to be different, including some who bleed for a long time afterwards. I can relate to the Asherman's fear and also to the not wanting to be pregnant. When you have suffered from recurrent miscarriage it is almost a relief to be not-pregnant - able to eat and drink what you like, not feeling like you need to avoid people or certain situations and not constantly worrying about scans, bleeding, knicker checking and hoping and praying it will all work out this time.

I guess the only thing is, if we want to have a baby we know that sometime soon we have to get back on the wagon - scary and uncomfortable and terrifying as that is. I also know why you are worried as cycles being back to normal and everything being in order is of course the first step for that. Like I said, all I can say is that plenty of people seem to bleed for a long time after ERPC and after my natural one in March I bled for about 8 weeks on and off! Go see the doc if you are worried and maybe take some iron tablets too just in case. Good luck with it all xx

escapeartist Sat 03-Sep-11 10:21:02

freelancegirl thank you so much! I really thought it was abnormal to really not want to be pregnant again! You usually read women asking when can they start trying again - I am the complete opposite, I honestly have started thinking about adoption (and i've "önly" had two mmc) and even thinking that maybe life without kids might not be all that bad...

Saying that, I do have a fear of asherman's and not being able to get pg again, so maybe deep down I'm not all that adverse to the idea.

I really do not trust my doctor (I live abroad and have a ob/gyn) and feel completely alone as I don't feel I can contact anyone to ask them how normal it is to be bleeding still. I know that whatever my dr. says I will not trust her so it is almost pointless to ask. From experience she will probably ask me to go for another scan (and another 100 euros we dn't have to spend) and I will have to sit in the maternity unit, surrounded by glowingly happy pg ladies, for the 5th time in the last month... I cannot face it!

Thanks again for your comment and I hope your mental and physical recover is swift and uneventful.
Millonthefloss all the best for your op next week and good vibes for your recovery. I read the two week thing too, so I will wait a few days before I contact... someone, not sure who. I know the NHS can be difficult at times, but at least you have access to doctors when you need them (even nhs direct would be wonderful at this stage...)

freelancegirl Sat 03-Sep-11 10:35:21

Sorry, Millonthefloss, we crossed posts. Sorry for what you are going through. Try not to worry too much about the ERPC. I know the prospect is a bit scary. Mine was two weeks ago and it was fine really, the nurses were lovely which helped. I got a bit teary and worried when I was wheeled down to the surgery place as it felt very real all of a sudden and I was also scared of the anaesthetic but actually it was all fine and quite relaxing after I woke up. So please try not to worry.

Escape I completely relate about that not wanting to be pregnant thing and I know other people do too. Sometime I don't even know if I want children! Which is an odd place for someone who is soon to TTC again and has been pregnant twice this year to be in. Somewhere along the line I feel it is a defence mechanism as the idea of actually getting pregnant and staying pregnant for 40 weeks (with all the complications that can go wrong) is so bloody daunting that to even start imagining what it might be like to have a baby and be a mother is just so way out there is almost unimaginable. If I had had a successful pregnancy already I feel like I might feel better (although obviously mc is still awful) as at least I had been through that life-changing experience already. Not sure if that makes sense.

escapeartist Sat 03-Sep-11 12:24:19

I feel exactly the same - before my first mc I really wanted not only to be a mum but also to be pregnant. My mum had two wonderful pregnancies and births and always speaks so fondly about it, I couldn't wait.

I have spent 4 out of the last 9 months being pregnant. I cannot face it again this year for sure. Plus I am now head of department at my school and I want to put some time and effort into that. I am also taking time out from ttc to run the marathon that I have now abandoned twice due to pregnancy.

I am 30 but none of my friends seem to understand, either they have babies after no trouble at all, or they are at completelt different life stages, getting drunk and partying. There is no one I can really talk to sad

Thanks for your time again freelance - I hope we both feel better soon! just want a normal life for a bit...

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