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tyring to start all over again

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lonelydesigirl Thu 01-Sep-11 06:00:28

feel so frustarted and miserable and want to just write and get all the anger out of first pregnancy was medically terminated last dec due to fatal abnormalities.i waited some time to recover and it is been 3 months that i have had no luck.have tried the ovulation kit and it does not seem to work for me.every month when my period is due i get nervous.This month i was late by one week , was feeling tired and had some sickness after getting up in the morning.I thought may be i got lucky this time but i ended up getting painful cramps and my period followed.It was heavy bleeding and large clots passing which i could almost feel and would make me go to the bathroom.It was awfull.i donot know if anything is wrong with me.i keep getting a feeling that something is wrong but i am too scared to even go to a doctor, i donot want to hear something bad.all my friends now have two kids and i am the only one left out.i wish i could do something abt my situation.

HorseyGirl1 Thu 01-Sep-11 08:50:16

Sorry to hear about your medical termination, so hard when these things happen. I lost my first pregnancy in December at 20 weeks and frankly it has the worst thing that has ever happened to me. We were told to wait 6 months or at the very least 3 months. When I told my GP well you can go on the pill while you wait and I did. When we met the consultant he said there was no need to wait so I finished the pill in March and we have been trying ever since. The first few months of trying were awful, the hope of maybe, am I and then AF would arrive. Around the second month of trying after coming off the pill I had a fairly painful period too. I think though it is still things settling down. Like you everyone I know has at least one child and it's hard. I don't grudge them their children I just want what I lost back. We're are still trying so I don't have any words of wisdom I just wanted you to know you aren't alone. I was taking Pregnacare Conception and the Boots own-brand type but don't know what else to do. Also have tried the OPK kits but doesn't seem to make any difference for me either. I think the thing to do is just try to forget about it but that is so much easier said than done. I'm just going to try Vitamin B from now on and try earlier in cycle this month. xx

lonelydesigirl Sat 10-Sep-11 00:20:27

thanks for your kind words horseygirl.i have to decided to stop thinking too much about TTC for the moment.We will still be trying. I think i ovulated this cycle yesterday morning but i had to go to work.Not sure if i missed my chance.I stopped using any ovulation kits as they don't work and just frustrate me.Have you tried using any?

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