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10 weeks after erpc and still no period

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hopingitsthismonth Mon 29-Aug-11 22:00:43

hi all,

wondering if anyone can help with similar experiences. background is:

- DS1 born early 2009. textbook pregnancy birth etc- got pregnant 2nd month of trying with him
- got pregnant sep 2010 (1st month trying) .MMC/ blighted ovum at 13 weeks- no fetus but sac grown to 9.5 wks, ERPC.
- got pregnant May 2011 (4-5months after miscarriage 1). saw heartbeat t 7.5 wks. MMC at 10 weeks fetus grown to 9 wks)

so i had an ERPC for my 2nd miscarriage and it has now been 10 weeks since then and still no period (definitely not pregnant- taken like 50 tests!). after the first miscarriage i got period after 4 weeks and i am now really worried there is something wrong and also just desperate to start TTC again and i cant do that if i am not ovulating.

any ideas?

pebspop Tue 30-Aug-11 09:27:27

i know how you feel. slightly different circs but i had medically managed mc at 20 weeks and have been waiting 8 weeks for period.

if mine doesn't come by 12 weeks i am going to the doctors.

anyone got any experience of this?

hopingitsthismonth Tue 30-Aug-11 21:15:51

oh god i am so so sorry pebspop. i cant even imagine how awful for you. i posted this in conception and got some great responses- take a look.

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