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Anti-D injection after MC?

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monkeypuzzeltree Mon 29-Aug-11 16:32:33

Well, what a weekend it has been, I had a MC at 5 weeks. I'm going to go to the docs tomorrow but was wondering if they will give me an Anti-D injection - I had one after DD as I am O negative and husband is positive.

Has anyone any experience of this, do I need one, do I need to insist on one? Am worried what might happen if I go get PG again soon after this is over if I don't have it. Thanks ladies.

Tiredtrout Mon 29-Aug-11 17:59:57

So sorry for your loss Monkey, you will need an Anti D injection following your miscarriage. I was told that it had to be given within 24 hours of the loss

GlitterySkulls Mon 29-Aug-11 18:05:59

i was told by my local epu this morning that they no longer give anti-d's before 12 weeks. however, the person i spoke to was pretty clueless so i wouldn't take that as gospel.

so sorry for your loss.

monkeypuzzeltree Tue 30-Aug-11 11:47:42

Been, all sorted, no need for anti D that early, very experienced midwife so feel quite confident in her. Thanks all ladies, better luck next time.

Havingkittens Fri 09-Sep-11 11:47:18

I wonder if that's a new thing. I've been given anti D after 6 pregnancy losses and only 2 of them were after 12 weeks. My last one was 10 months ago.

milkyways Fri 09-Sep-11 17:28:12

I have never been given Anti-D with my natural miscarriages, which were both at around 5-6 weeks. With my two mmc's I was given Anti-D after an ERPC and medical management - I was 11 weeks and 10 weeks along. My last one was in January. I guess there is a bigger risk of blood mixing with an ERPC, but I don't know the reasoning behind the injection I got after my medical management.

Havingkittens Fri 09-Sep-11 18:22:39

Ah, that might explain why I've always been given it. I've never had a natural miscarriage.

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