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41, 6.5 weeks pregnant and light bleeding for 7 days now

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Blobbabybubs Tue 23-Aug-11 21:41:19

hi, I'm 41 and 6.5 weeks pregnant. First pregnancy. Had all the symptoms first few weeks- nausea, cravings, sore nipples. However, been spotting (mainly brown) blood since beg of last week now and it's been red blood on a couple of occasions when I wipe. Have had to wear panty liners every day. Feels like a long, light period but preg symptoms seem to have all gone. Went to see doc, am booked in for a scan at epu on Thursday. It will be 7 wks on Sunday. No pain or cramps, so am hanging in there. Just wondering if anybody has been through anything similar and what was the outcome? I did a test last fri (positive). Hosp asked me to do anthr test tomorrow and said they won't see me if it's negative and that it should be negative quite quickly if the last few days of bleeding is a mc. Doc thinks it's a threatened mc.

scotlass Tue 23-Aug-11 21:58:22

Hi, first - so sorry you're going through this at the moment, it's horrible being in limbo not knowing what's happening inside your body.

Your scan will be the only sure way of knowing if bubba is holding on or if the bleeding is a mc. Not all bleeding in early pregnancy results in mc but sadly it can sad.

My last 4 pgs I bled, 3 were mcs last one my DS hung in there.

In my experience pg tests weren't the best indicator, my first mc I was still getting a positive 2 weeks after bleeding started. Hcg blood levels are more reliant.

I found the whole experience of miscarrying far more painful in terms of emotions than I ever realised so if it is be kind to yourself and MN was a great listener.

Blobbabybubs Tue 23-Aug-11 22:21:58

Thanks. I guess it's a waiting game!

scotlass Thu 25-Aug-11 22:26:04

Blobbabybubs how did you get on today?

Was thinking about you.

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