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Late Ovulation and miscarriage.

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mrmistoffelees Mon 22-Aug-11 18:42:37

We started ttc last September and got a bfp in November. At 12 weeks we found out that I had had a mmc, baby had died at 7/8 weeks. Had an erpc in January and since then my periods have been very irregular. We have have been actively ttc since May using ovulation sticks and my cycles have been all over the place, shortest 26 days, longest 34.

This month I ov'd approx on day 23 (the 12th), expected period around day 30(18th) so very late in cycle. I have been testing since the 19th Aug (have a slight testing addiction) and got a bfp on a First Response today, the line is quite faint but def there.

I am now worried that due to late ovulation this pregnany will also miscarry. I do not know what caused my mmc and know it could be various reasons but, as I hadn't used ov sticks I'm wondering if late ovulation was the cause last time.

I have had spotting since yesterday, slightly heavier today but very slight really, barely visible on wiping and nothing on pad (sorry if tmi). My boobs feel like I'm pregnant but I think I am only 10 dpo approx so also worried this could be a chemical pregnancy.

I have made a Dr's appt for Thurday, although not really sure what she will be able to tell me more than I know already.

Just wondered if anyone has been in a similar situation and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy. Sorry this is so long and rambling!

mahaliha Tue 23-Aug-11 11:46:49

Congratulations on your bfp!

I have pcos and always ovulate late (usually around day 23-25, sometimes later). With DD2 I ovulated on day 29. Like you, I was worried I would miscarry, especially as I'd miscarried before, although was told this was not due to late ovulation but just bad luck.

Anyway I never allowed myself to get my hopes up, especially when I booked a dating scan all they could talk about was my VERY late ovulation! However, when I went for the scan all was well and DD is now a healthy 4 month old.

It sounds like the spotting you're having could be implantation bleeding (I had this too and it can be scary but is normal) and the symptoms you're experiencing sound promising. If you're worried, the Dr may be able to arrange for you to have your bhcg levels checked to see if the levels are rising. Good luck and hope everything goes well for you.

mrmistoffelees Tue 23-Aug-11 20:48:15

Thank you!

I'm still spotting today but still not very much really so suppose that is good. I'm going to ask my Dr if she will do blood tests to see if my levels are rising. I am very worried about having another mmc so if I can't have an early scan (which I doubt) I am going to book a private dating scan.

I will def not be getting my hopes up, and almost expecting to miscarry but will just have to wait and see. I do feel better hearing about your late ovulation and healthy pregnancy.

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