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Anyone have experience of Frimley Park EPU?

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backtotheplanet Sun 21-Aug-11 17:47:33

Hi. I am 7 weeks pregnant and started bleeding last night for a couple of hours which seems to have almost stopped now. It was bright red blood and I also passed a large clot.

I previously had a miscarriage at 11 weeks which was physically quite traumatic and I'm really scared that this is the start of another one. We went for a private scan this Friday and saw the heart beat and everything seemed fine at the time, so this was quite a shock.

I went to Frimley Park EPU last time when I was referred by A&E but as it was the bank holiday (the Royal Wedding so a 4 day bank hol!) I had to wait for 5 days for an appointment. I am hoping to self refer tomorrow and just turn up in the hope that they will see me same day. Has anyone done this before? Will they see you same day?

Any advice or information anyone could give me would be very gratefully received! The not knowing is incredibly stressful and I'm desperate to know either way!

Thanks in advance.

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