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preg test neg. Does this mean MC finished? Advice needed!!

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greengoose Wed 17-Aug-11 17:19:43

Hi, Im a bit confused! This is my second MC, but first was d+c, so cant compare. This time I am a week past my scan which showed no baby and things starting to come away at 6wks. I have had a light period amount of bleeding and felt crampy for about five days, but not as bad as my usually heavy period.
I was showing a slight positive still on test a week ago, and today I tested neg. an a pee stick. Does this mean it is over??! Seems a bit too straight forward to me, was expecting to have pain and clots etc. Has anyone else had a 'light' MC? I am wondering if I need a scan to check, or if I can start trying again.....

IslaValargeone Wed 17-Aug-11 17:23:46

Sounds very similar to an experience I had. Didn't go for a scan or anything.
If you feel ready to try, then go for it.
Wishing you all the best x

scarletfingernail Wed 17-Aug-11 21:34:27

Sorry for your loss greengoose

I was told with both of my natural MCs that once I had a negative test it was indeed all over.

My first 1 at 7 weeks was a lot worse than the one I had at 6.5 weeks. Although it seemed like there was only a few days difference I guess it depends what stage exactly the pregnancy failed. I assumed my second one hadn't progressed anywhere near as far as the second and had maybe failed a bit before I knew, hence it not seeming too bad.

If you're feeling ok you should be ok to start trying again. Best wishes.

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