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still waiting!!!

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kayb123 Tue 09-Aug-11 12:59:53

My baby died at 8 weeks i would be been 14 +4. its already been over a week waiting for a dnc but they phoned to put it back again now this thurs.. im sure this isn't normal having to sit and wait so long, im so worried about going natural as been reading all the complications etc.. i dont leave the house incase.
why would they make me sit and wait for so long, while i have read some find out and its sorted within days if not the next.

LIG1979 Tue 09-Aug-11 13:08:23

So sorry for the waiting you are going through. It is such a horrible time but things do get better with time. The waiting is the worst bit - once I had the ERPC I instantly felt much better emotionally as I could move on.

I waited almost 6 weeks from the 1st scan before finally having an ERPC. This was partly because it was sort of happening on its' own and it just didn't complete. Regarding the fear of leaving the house - I had similar concerns but did need to go back to work and try and sort my life out. So I left the house armed with lots of sanitary towels, spare underwear and painkillers just incase. Never needed it - but it helped me feel prepared for whatever might happen.

I think from what I had heard it does seem to start gradually so you will have time to get home but I made sure I didn't stray to far from my home just incase. Make sure that someone else can be with you if it does start just incase you need to get to hospital.

I hope the next few days aren't too terrible. x

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