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2 missed miscarriages

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tweetypie2 Tue 09-Aug-11 12:09:48

Had a missed miscarriage in January at 11 weeks, just found out that it's happened again, this time at 8 weeks. Absolutely gutted, booked in for ERPC tomorrow. Has anyone else gone through this and had a successful pregnancy? Doctors say I'm just very unlucky sad

banana87 Tue 09-Aug-11 15:55:49

Sorry to hear this sad. I had a mmc last June, followed by another incomplete miscarriage last October. I then took a bit if a break, stopped drinking any alcohol, tea, coffee, etc and fell pregnant again march. I am currently 25 weeks. Apparently one miscarriage is not uncommon (1 in 5), two still isn't that uncommon (1 in 25), but three is less common (1 in 125). The numbers go up for fourth, etc. Try not to panic, the likelihood is that you've just had bad luck ( as horrible as that sounds). Best of luck trying again!

mahaliha Tue 09-Aug-11 17:25:55

I've had 2 missed miscarriages, one at 12 weeks (baby had died at 10 weeks) and one at 8 weeks (baby died at 6 weeks). Both times I had no sign of anything being wrong, just no heartbeat on the scan, it's so cruel sad and I'm sorry you're going through this.

I became pregnant again after my 2nd mmc and basically spent the first 12 weeks assuming I'd miscarry again. Thankfully I didn't and my DD is now 4 months old. I was told the miscarriages were just bad luck, but that really didn't help at the time. Be gentle with yourself and good luck trying when the time is right.

orangehead Tue 09-Aug-11 17:40:48

So sorry for your losses. I had a missed mc at 12 weeks (baby died at 11 weeks actually had scan at 10 weeks due to spotting which showed all was well) then I had a complete mc at 7 weeks but had a strong feeling at 5 weeks the baby had died I then had another missed mc at 10 weeks (a scan at 9 weeks showed all was well). I then decided to have a break as I just couldnt imagine how I would cope if I had to go through it again. I had all the tests which showed everything was fine and they couldnt find a reason. But I was recommended to take aspirin anway.
I then got pregnant accidentally, I was actually quite upset as I didnt feel emotionally strong enough. I started taking the aspirin but started bleeding at 6 weeks and hospital told me to have bed rest till 12 weeks. Ds1 is now 9 and had healthy pregnancy besides bleeding most of the way through which was awful. I also bleed all the way through with ds2 who is now 8, I couldnt have bed rest that time as looking after ds1 and constantly lifting him. So I dont think the bed rest made any difference besides making me feel like I was doing something to help.

tallulah Tue 09-Aug-11 17:57:03

Sorry to hear this. I had a mmc in Aug 2005 at 11 weeks, another in March 2006 at 7 weeks, then a healthy DD in March 2007.

tweetypie2 Tue 09-Aug-11 18:01:08

Thanks for the reassurance. With the first miscarriage I had some bleeding which resulted in the scan at 11 weeks telling me development had stopped at 6 weeks. This time I couldn't believe I was pregnant and asked for an early scan, but no bleeding at all. So gutted to be told there was an empty sac. Can't believe I'll ever have a healthy pregnancy, but your stories give me some hope.

orangehead Tue 09-Aug-11 18:53:44

I remember feeling like that [tweety] that I would never have a healthy pregnancy. I wish you all the luck. in trying again.
I use to attend a support group that was run by miscarriage association, I think they have them in most areas. I understand its not everyones cup of tea but helped me, but I hadnt heard of mumsnet back then.

orangehead Tue 09-Aug-11 18:54:55

That was meant to be tweety not [tweety] smile

Taffeta Tue 09-Aug-11 18:56:06

Oh I am sorry op, its awful.

I had a MMC , then had DS, then another MMC and then had DD. Its horrifically common.

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