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Is my MC coming to an end???

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foxylady1 Fri 05-Aug-11 23:08:19

I started to bleed Sat at 10+3 and was told baby was fine. It carried on and got heavier and darker after being messed about by Dr's i finally had a scan at Epau on Tues which sadly showed baby's heart had stopped at 6-7 weeks.

Midwife wanted to leave me a week to see what would happen so Wed's bleeding was very heavy and i was having contractions for about 6 hours 4 mins apart then all of a sudden they stopped.
Thursday a bit of tummy and backache went to the loo and all of a sudden felt a woosh and i'm sure i passed the sac (which was awful). The bleeding got worse for about 4 hrs but since then has slowed down alot and seems to be going darker. I'm also getting very achey legs like they are tired all the time, is this normal???

I'm Wondering if it's nearly over now i have a scan booked for Tues but does it sound like this could be the end.

What i've also realized in this nightmare is what a god send MN is, my friends are treating me like i've got the plague (i know it's cause they don't understand but it's hard), MW treat you like a statistic, DH and family have been amazing but it's so good to hear from ppl that know exactly what your going through it's just horrid it happens to so many of us.

Any advice i would be so grateful and sorry it's so long.

TIDDLYMUM Fri 05-Aug-11 23:12:13

No advice but xxxxx to you, and lots of love xxxxxxx

ttalloo Fri 05-Aug-11 23:18:44

Poor, poor you. I'm so sorry about your MC, and that your friends aren't giving you the support you need. It makes a bad situation so much worse when people don't know how to respond to you, but at least your DH and family are making up for it.

It seems to me as if your MC is pretty much over. It sounds like my first one at 8 weeks, where I had awful cramping (which I now know was like labour pains) and passed the sac in the loo (half an hour after being sent home from A&E, having been told by the gynaecologist that he had seen ladies with heavier bleeding than me - and I was bleeding extremely heavily - go to term). It took about a week before the bleeding and pain stopped, and I spent perhaps the first three or four days in bed because the pain was so bad (and yes, it did travel down to my legs - it was awful).

It's still worth going for the scan on Tuesday, though, so that they can see if everything has gone - if it hasn't you'll need an ERPC.

Are you able to stay at home and rest?

foxylady1 Fri 05-Aug-11 23:27:13

Thankyou both. Sorry for your loss ttalloo I really hope it's over at least that would make this horrid situation a bit easier if i could move on After Tues knowing no further action is needed.

It's so awful the way us women are treated during MC i'm hearing it so much, we all know it happens lots but at the time you don't want to be treated like just another person it was YOUR baby who you loved it's so hard and makes me very mad.

Yes can rest but have a very active 3 yr old DD who helps to take my mind off things.

ttalloo Fri 05-Aug-11 23:37:04

Thank you, foxylady. I've had two early MCs and was badly treated with both - the MN campaign to improve the care of women having MCs is badly needed, but I fear that the dismissive attitude of medical staff is too entrenched to be changed very easily.

I'm glad your DD is helping to take your mind off things.

I found a certain gallows humour in playing MC bingo for a couple of weeks after the second one, ticking off the number of stupid things said to me by people who meant well (I think): at least it was early; you can always try for another one; it's not like it was a proper baby; it's Nature's way; you should have gone straight to bed as soon as you realised you were bleeding; blah, blah, blah.

Hope the pain isn't bad, and you are able to sleep.

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