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Not sure if this a normal period, or not. Miscarriage?

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cottonreels Wed 03-Aug-11 11:43:14

My ususal cycle is about 24 days. I came on this time at 20 days. Thought that was a bit unusual, bled normally for 2 days. Then had cramping/griping through the night, then yesterday (sorry if this tmi) I felt a bit of a gush and ran to the loo. Emptied my mooncup (had only emptied it 20 mins earlier so would normally have been empty) and it was full. AS i poured it away 2 lumps came out. I caught hold of one and it was the size of a 10p and quite 'meaty'. Solid yet could be squished, not like a clot. Ive had another smaller lump since. Still got griping pains. I really want to know if this is just a normal period of if Im miscarrying. We havent used contraception since dd (21 months) and would like another baby so I do feel sad and disappointed even though I didnt know that I was pregnant. If I was.
Keep going around in circles with it. My dp is away working so am here on my own just keep wondering if this is a big day in my life iyswim.
I called the docs yesterday and got an unsympathetic male doc who was simply scientific. He just said that either its a period and the lumps are the lining of the womb or it is indeed a miscarrage, but theres nothing anyone can do. So either way its the same course of action-do nothing.
I realise that physically - hes probably quite right. But its important to me emotionally. Ive still got the 'lump'-cant it be tested? Do I really just throw it down the loo?
Sorry if this seems trivial. I know a lot of folk on here have really been through the wringer with miscarriage. And Im truly sorry for that. It took me a long time to concieve my dd, so I do know something of that longing for a child.
Any help at all appreciated.

rosalina72 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:31:41

So sorry Cottonreels. This does sound like it could have been a chemical pregnancy. I just had a miscarriage last month for which I had an erpc. A few days later I had terrible contraction-like pains and passed something very similar to what you're describing. I'm assuming it was some remaining tissue from the mc itself. I just flushed it down the loo as I was in a bit of a shocked state so didn't think I could do anything else with it. I've heard of people who bury it in the garden and plant a tree over it.

I wonder what would happen if you do a pregnancy test now? If you were pregnant maybe your hormone levels would still be in your system and a test would show up positive. If not, maybe you can just assume it was a heavier period?
Hope you do find out either way, though that may not be possible! Thinking of you. xx

cottonreels Wed 03-Aug-11 13:10:04

Oh Thankyou rosa for being kind - I feel a bit of a fraud on this board, but really don't know what to 'do'. I think I know the answer is do nothing, there is nothing to do. But not verbalising it (theres no one here, dp working away,my folks are away on holiday etc) and carrying on as normal as though nothing is happening make me feel a bit weepy - like it doesnt matter. And of course it does matter.
Good idea about getting a pregnancy test. I think I would like to know. At least if it did show I was pregnant I would know my body is opn to the idea of being pregnant..It took so long the first time.
The other important thing I should have added is that I have endrometriosis so it could be a symptom of this (though Ive only had largeish clots before and it doesnt look that same).
My friend came round today and announced shes 12 weeks pregnant and celebrated with her for a bit and when she ased how I was doing I laughed and said Im at the opposite end of the spectrum and I think Im having a miscarriage. Totally inappropriate of me saying that. And laughing. Whats there to laugh about. I think I just need a hug and to pull myself together. Ive a lot to feel very happy about. Thanks again.

wannaBe Wed 03-Aug-11 13:19:36

tbh I think it's unlikely that there would be any kind of tissue from such an early mc even if it was a mc.

And i think that, quite honestly, there is nothing to be achieved from beating yourself up over this and grieving for a baby that never might even have been.

You would be very unlikely to get a positive result from a pg test at this point (you're at 22 days now?)

Sometimes we have heavy periods, sometimes a period isn't what we are used to, and if you have endometriosis then a period with clots could easily just be a symptom of that.

I have been there with the heavy period with clots and thinking it could be a miscarriage, and I was ttc at the time and was already two weeks late and had pg symptoms. But had had negative tests.

I think the ttc process can be emotional enough without bringing unnecessary heartache on yourself thinking you've had a miscarriage when there's no way of knowing either way.

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