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12 months on

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annbenoli Tue 02-Aug-11 13:25:31

It is 12 months since I got pregnant for the 7th time. I have 3 wonderful healthy children and for that I am so thankful. 12 months ago I got pregnant which was unplanned and I miscarried a t 10 1/2 weeks. My husband saw it as a relief and def doesnt want to try again. From the moment I was pregnant I so wanted the baby. I long for the baby and to be pregnant again. How can I get over it I am a wreck

rosalina72 Wed 03-Aug-11 06:55:13

So sorry you feel so bad right now Ann. Perhaps your husband just doesn't want you (and him too) to go through any more losses. It's very difficult and draining emotionally so maybe in his head 'no baby means no more hurt'. For you on the other hand it's different and I know as soon as I miscarry I want to get pregnant again. To get to the place I was supposed to be. This reaction is normal. Can you talk to your husband and maybe try to understand whether he doesn't want any more children or whether he just doesn't want you to go through any more hurt and loss?

In the meantime, enjoy your 3 beautiful children and try to stay positive and busy.

I wish you all the best whatever the outcome. xxxx

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