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Pregnancy after MMC

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Beans1977 Tue 26-Jul-11 11:23:01

Hi. I had a MMC at 14 weeks at the end of April which was heartbreaking, as I'm sure many of you are only too aware from your own tragic losses.

It has been a really difficult time, but my DH and I have been able to look after each, the hospital have been great, friends and families supportive and loving, and while we'll never forget our beautiful baby, the loss has more than confirmed to us how much we want to be parents together and we feel the right thing is to try again.

Wondering if anyone has any positive experiences of falling pregnant after a MMC at 14 weeks? It took 8 weeks for my AF to arrive after the MMC, but things seem to have settled down and I appear to be back to my 29-day cycle. I suppose in honesty I'm hoping things happen sooner rather than later for us, but I know Mother Nature doesn't always work that way! It took us three months of TTC originally.

Thanks in advance for any replies x

Iggly Tue 26-Jul-11 13:14:34

Hi sorry to hear about your MMC. I had one last November and after a long wait for AF to return with slightly longer cycles I fell pregnant in march and now due in December grin

I did a little bit of charting but a couple of cycles in realised that I was ovulating earlier in my cycle than I though. So decided to just try every other day over a week or two a few days after AF stopped and it worked. So worth either investing in some opk sticks or checking your cervical mucus to see how things are as they might have changed a bit.

Good luck x

Beans1977 Wed 27-Jul-11 09:38:46

Thanks Iggly - so sorry to hear about your MMC and BIG congrats on your happy news! I'd been wondering about getting some sticks so might go down that route and see what happens.

Congrats again! x

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