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climb aboard this bus called i was on "dec 11, jan 12, feb 12" etc- hear me now!!

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Mama5isalive Mon 18-Jul-11 23:43:16

I thought i would just start this thread for all of us who have sadly lost our seats on our previous buses, but still want to talk and share and move on in all different areas!

Please swipe your cards, pay your fare and share!!!!!!!!wink
all are welcome to the journey ending in "moving on street", "TTC avenue" or "let just wait and see walk "or ", "Its finally happened for me junction"

DixieNormas Fri 18-Dec-15 22:10:58

wow just came across this thread and wondering how everyone is now

Catsycat Fri 08-Mar-13 23:48:55

Count and Moomin, so pleased to hear your news, congratulations!

Tumble lovely to hear from you. There are so many bugs around at the moment - poor Sophie. Glad you'e doing OK.

Zuleika is 9 1/2 months now, and cruising. Can't believe it will be her birthday in a few weeks!

I hope anyone who stumbles upon this thread having had a mc can see how far we have come with our different experiences of loss, and see that there is hope for a positive outcome... so glad to have had your support and strength ladies x

tumblebug Fri 08-Mar-13 23:09:59

Congratulations Moomin and Count, wonderful news, hope you're enjoying your little ones. Sophie also had lots of dark hair, still does but it's longer and wispier now. She is so like her big brother except he was bald then blond!

We're doing well except Sophie has another cold/ cough - every 2 weeks at the moment.

Just passed the due date of the pregnancy I lost - would have been 1st birthday. 2 friends had babies in the 3 days before - so happy associations now. I see my MC as part of the path to having Sophie now - a sad and horrid experience that I'll never forget, but the end result is my beautiful little girl.

Moominsarescary Fri 08-Mar-13 13:54:01

He also has a full head of very dark hair

Moominsarescary Fri 08-Mar-13 13:52:35

Congratulations count ! baby Joseph was born 1/2 at 38 weeks by csection weighing 7lb 11 (my cervix didn't even attempt to open after stitch removal!)

He's 5 weeks today and lovely xx

Countmyblessings Fri 08-Mar-13 13:46:48

25/2=Baby count born @ 37 weeks csection as breeched!
6lbs 5 oz beautiful full head of hair!!!!
Thanks for all the support never thought I would be here again holding a live baby it's just amazing and well worth it all!
I will Never forget my angel babies x3.

Catsycat Fri 08-Feb-13 20:38:11

Hi tumble. Lovely to hear your update. I'm glad everything is going well. The night feeds sound hard work - I was very lucky to lose those early on. Great that your DS gets on so well with the baby as well.

I haven't been on the exercise bike yet - oh dear!! But I do look at it regularly smile, and the diet is going slowly but surely in the right direction.

tumblebug Thu 24-Jan-13 22:18:04

Hi! Sorry haven't been here much - so busy with 2 (how do the rest of you manage with all yours?!), and so tired the rest of the time! Lovely to hear how you are getting on. All really well here, Sophie is 5 months already and absolutely gorgeous (of course!), generally a really happy baby although has a cold and is teething today so a bit grumpy. Stiill feeding a couple of times overnight, but at least she does it quickly and usually goes back to sleep. DS is growing up so much as well, really seems to adore his sister and is generally being easier and fun and entertaining. I'm starting to think about going back to work - kind of looking forward to it as I do get a bit frustrated at home all the time (probably as I don't have enough activities to do as I know I'm going back to work...) but also feel a bit sad about it.

Count hope you are feeling a bit more ready now, and hope all goes well, look forward to hearing your news.

Catsy glad all are well and happy, good luck with the exercise bike!

Catsycat Sun 20-Jan-13 17:01:40

How exciting Count - not long to go! Hope the birth goes well, and you get everything you need in time grin.

Zuleika enjoyed her first Christmas, as did my other 2 DDs. DD1 is still loving school, was actually pleased to go back after the holidays, as was DD2 with her preschools. Still really busy here, and starting to try to lose a load of weight - at least 3 stone {sigh}... exercise bike being delivered on Friday...

I don't get chance to get on MN much now, but I do check back now and again to see if there's news on this thread, so please keep updating! Would be lovely to hear from some of the other "oldies" too...

Countmyblessings Wed 16-Jan-13 19:14:40

Hi all and happy new 2013!!!!!
This thread has gone eerie quiet but I know its because most have moved on after having babies, some still waiting getting bigger!!!
Moomin - I know your really close now I hope all is well baby is staying put for now and thinking have they removed your stiches????
The thought that baby can come any time now hope your ready bag packed and all ready and waiting!!!!
Me in the other hand has nothing!!!!!!!!
And need to get a wiggle on at least get my hospital bag ready so am looking for bargains online a few body grows, vests hat cardigan and a blanket for hospital and newborn nappies!!!!
Avoiding snow coat all in one as the weather is not that bad!!!
Now just have to wait for this baby!!!!

Countmyblessings Thu 20-Dec-12 15:22:32

Catsy - amazed at how time has flew by and zuleika is 7 months!!! Which is how pregnant I am had 4d scan which was amazing!!!
Thankfully my Dd wasn't as painful as I thought maybe as
Pregnant it didn't feel as hopeless as I did last year another dd coming up on 28 dec!!!! Baby would of been 1! Have not bought anything for baby but on our return from hols will get some bits even if its just to get hospital bag packed!!!
It's really quiet on here, sure everyone is getting ready for Christmas!
Take care & enjoy Christmas and 2013!

Catsycat Wed 19-Dec-12 21:36:15

Hi Count. I hope you were OK yesterday. Anniversaries are very sad (it would have been the first birthday of the baby I lost in a few weeks sad ). I hope you are feeling blooming, and that the 2nd trimester is treating you well - not long for you now!

We're all doing well here. Zuleika is 7 months on friday, onto solid food now, and very jolly (well, she has a cold so less jolly than usual today). I finally let her use a new bib, which was the only thing I had bought for the baby I miscarried. It had been wrapped up in the packaging in the drawer ever since. I figured it was time to let that go, and I didn't regret it.

We're all caught in the mad rush of Christmas activities, so I'm looking forward to the end of term tomorrow, as lovely as it is, I'm exhausted!!!

Hope everyone else is well. xx smile

Countmyblessings Mon 17-Dec-12 12:21:06

Hi ladies - I pray all is well Moomin - how are you doing cant remember when you are due but I hope you are wellx
Catsy - how's you and your preparing for Christmas!
Tumble - and how's everything in your household and are you prepared for Christmas!
Well tomorrow is DD for baby lost in April - not sure how to feel about it all and hope i get through the day without a breakdown! Hormones all over the place and nearly 28 weeks here!!!
All the best and hope to hear from you guys soon x

Catsycat Tue 13-Nov-12 21:11:34

Yay, Count! So happy all is well with you! Going away sounds nice...
How is everyone else doing?
Everything is going well here, except for teething, which is a nightmare!

Countmyblessings Sat 03-Nov-12 19:41:13

I'm 21 weeks and had scan very happy as we did discuss what we really wanted and so very happy and just looking forwards to going away in December and then hopefully having this one in feb/ march 13!!!
Moonin- how you doing????? Hope all is well with the stitch and your in a happy place knowing baby will stay put!!
Catsy - hope your well!
Tumble - how's everything going in your household?

Countmyblessings Thu 04-Oct-12 20:00:19

Hi all - hope everyone is ok and on the straight for baby!
Moomin- how are you feeling now you passed that point must be a sigh of just happiness!!!! I'm so happy for you!
Catsy - glad you passed through and clearly your v. Busy!
Tumble - how are you doing? Hope all is good and your falling into a great routine!

I'm just plodding through have had a few scared but thankfully baby hanging in there!!!! All crossed!!!!

Catsycat Fri 28-Sep-12 11:48:34

Sorry I haven't been around for a bit - DD1 started school, plus we were organising her huuuge birthday party, and had a weekend at the Paralympics - don't know where the time has gone!!! Have been thinking of you all though!

Moomin, hope you are OK - is it today that is Jacob's anniversary? Glad the stitch is holding, and congrats on the scan.

Count congrats on your scan - so glad all is OK.

And of course tumble, big congratulations on the birth of Sophie Rachel! Sorry it's so belated. Hope you are both well.

Have to dash off now, but hope to check in more regularly...

Moominsarescary Sun 23-Sep-12 20:43:22

I was around 16 weeks the last 3 times i started to feel movement, I'm now 19+4 and fx stitch is holding fine. I go in for my 20 week scan a week tomorrow. It's an odd week, by the time weds comes I will have been carrying this baby longer than I did Jacob. Fri is the 1st anniversary of his birth and death

Hope everyone is ok how are you count ?

Countmyblessings Thu 06-Sep-12 04:33:21

Moomin- wonderful news on your BOY!!!!!
Am hoping I'm having a boy to equal out the dc!!!!
Quick question when did u all start feeling movements! I know they say the more dc you have you feel much earlier just want a ball park idea!!!
I do feel like I will start relaxing once I don't need scans and listening to HB to make me feel more relaxed that all is ok!!!
2nd trimester whoop!!!! Bring on the movements and higher energy levels oh and my mojo!!!! Poor DH!!!!! Not getting a look in!

tumblebug Sun 02-Sep-12 00:13:34

Aw moomin boys are great! (So are girls....) glad all looked ok.

Moominsarescary Sat 01-Sep-12 15:05:46

Everything looks fine, it's a boy!

tumblebug Sat 01-Sep-12 11:07:02

moomin enjoy seeing your little one, hope it helps you feel less anxious. I worried all through this pregnancy.

Moominsarescary Fri 31-Aug-12 22:08:20

I'm feeling a bit anxious at the moment, so earlier I booked myself in for a gender scan tomorrow at 12.15. hmm

Countmyblessings Fri 31-Aug-12 21:53:06

Huge kisses to Sophie - tumble!!!! You'll be unpacked real soon!
Moonin- yeh very nervous though but happy moving dancing baby!

tumblebug Fri 31-Aug-12 21:17:04

Brilliant news count!

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