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climb aboard this bus called i was on "dec 11, jan 12, feb 12" etc- hear me now!!

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Mama5isalive Mon 18-Jul-11 23:43:16

I thought i would just start this thread for all of us who have sadly lost our seats on our previous buses, but still want to talk and share and move on in all different areas!

Please swipe your cards, pay your fare and share!!!!!!!!wink
all are welcome to the journey ending in "moving on street", "TTC avenue" or "let just wait and see walk "or ", "Its finally happened for me junction"

rosalina72 Wed 27-Jul-11 18:14:31

Hi everyone. Glad everyone is doing better and much more positive these days. I guess time is a great healer! Also glad to hear AF has visited Mama and Catsy! Can I ask whether you both had your usual premenstrual symptoms or did AF just show up out of nowhere? The reason I ask is that I'm feeling like I might be coming on soon but it seems a bit too soon after the erpc (it'll be 2 weeks on friday). Also, did you feel that you ovulated in your usual way this time? Sorry, so many questions!
Good luck to everyone who is ready to ttc and may the swi begin!!

And good luck with the potty training! I tried when DS was 2.5 and he just wasn't interested. It was frustrating both of us so tried again when he was nearly 3 and bingo..potty trained in around a week grin

Catsycat Wed 27-Jul-11 20:13:42

Hi Rosalina - it's good to hear from you!

I don't really get much in the way of pre-menstrual symptoms, but I did feel quite fat on Thursday (I am quite fat, but I suppose it was bloating, which I don't usually get). I did think I ovulated - had a bit of spotting and EWCM between the ERPC bleeding stopping and AF starting (which was only about a week). It was only 22 days for me between the ERPC and AF, I usually have a 23 day cycle.

Definitely girding my loins (sorry!) for swi from Friday night!!!!!!! Sooooo romantic, isn't it?????? grin

kat2504 Thu 28-Jul-11 07:10:39

I was on both Feb 11 and Dec 11 buses. Trying again now. Having a few tests in the meantime but hoping there is nothing to worry about. Each time the mentalling gets worse though! I have three different ttc apps on my phone. One of them tells me " you should have intercourse today", very romantic I don't think!

Catsycat Thu 28-Jul-11 11:31:17

Hi kat - glad you joined us, but sorry you have been through this twice already. The mentalling is pretty bad, and I've only mc once. I almost convinced myself I had a short luteal phase yesterday, and was virtually desperate about it (hopefully this cycle will be back to normal - I think it was a bit short last month, but hopefully just a reaction to the ERPC etc). As the the swi, well, if your phone is telling you to do it..... grin !!!!!!!!

Hi mama5 glad your AF showed up too! Funny isn't it - we all want her to show up this month, but I for one will be gutted if she's back next month....

kat2504 Thu 28-Jul-11 13:07:51

I think it's fairly normal to have a shorter luteal phase the first cycle. Often women don't ovulate the first month so that would explain it. Should be back to normal the second month.

Catsycat Thu 28-Jul-11 13:46:38

That's a relief - thanks kat! Had got myself in a right state by yesterday night!!!

philbee Fri 29-Jul-11 13:00:19

I'd like to join. I was on the January bus - due the day after my birthday. But I started bleeding at 12+1 and scan showed mmc, maybe blighted ovum, and an empty sac measuring about 8-9 weeks. I miscarried naturally about 4 days later. It's four weeks today since I started bleeding, and everything about that time and, in fact, the pregnancy before it, seems a bit nightmarish and unreal now. I'm quite down at the mo, but just trying to have some good times with DD and focus on doing stuff together.

I've started doing more exercise again, and meditating every day to try to stop myself getting stressed, at least. Have now gone from obsessively looking at slings online to obsessively looking at trainers. Doh!

puzzletree Fri 29-Jul-11 14:20:14

Hi Philbee, sorry that you've been through this too, it's so tough. Glad you've got some strategies to keep you going. I'm similar, enjoying lots of trips out with DP and the boys, and have been buying new clothes too.

Have been a bit freaked out today though. Took a urine sample to the gp on tuesday as they'd requested one. And just got a phone call to say that it gave a positive pregnancy result confused and so I need to go in this afternoon to speak with a doctor. It has been almost 4 weeks since the miscarriage now and I did lots of HPTs once the bleeding stopped and the line on them got slowly more and more faint and was then negative. I've just done another one now and it's negative, but I guess the lab tests are more sensitive so maybe there are still pregnancy hormones lurking? Wonder what the next step would be then. Alternatively I suppose there is the possibility that this is a new pregnancy? We have had unprotected sex a few times but it'd be pretty early, and I haven't had any positive ovulation tests.

Hoping the gp can shed some light, and the boys (I have to take them with me) don't ask too many questions!! Best get ready to head out, will update you later....

Catsycat Fri 29-Jul-11 15:43:37

Hi philbee, glad you have something to focus on and hopefully help you through this.

Puzzletree I hope everything is OK with you.

Well, this weekend will be the launch of operation SWI. Had a bit of a scare this morning when I did my chart, as I had a higher temp, and had some spotting yesterday, so thought I must have ovulated already, but am prepared to view the temp reading as a blip and the spotting as something weird and ERPC related (!) and carry on regardless. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

puzzletree Fri 29-Jul-11 15:50:24

Hi again, back from docs. As expected, he didn't really have any answers, but I've got an appointment at the EPU on monday where they'll probably do a blood test and a scan to work out what's going on. And there was I just waiting for AF...

Catsycat I have my fingers firmly crossed for you, enjoy operation SWI and hopefully you'll soon be reporting mission accomplished!

Mama5isalive Sun 31-Jul-11 22:10:57

hi all - soo sorry been so busy have not had a chance to check in at all!
Hi welcome ( sadly) Kat - im so sorry that you have missed 2 buses i cant imagine, but i hope you will find comfort in holding hands and sharing as much as you like while we wait here with us all until your bus comes!
CC- hope all goes well with you and your mission to TTC this month!!!!
well my AF was 2 days off pain and not a (TMI) clot insight, which surprised me but i guess after the ERPC my body never got to built up much! if that makes any sense!!!!!!! day5 and it now looks to be trailing off now so its coming to an end now,yehhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
well me and DH have just decided to not get too obsessed and just see what happens, moving home is stressful enough no more pressure here is needed so TTC is on the back burner on low heat for now!!!!!!
went to a friends wedding on sat and it was fab!!!!!!!! tears flowing while everyone spoke about them having babies soon! amazing what your mind thinks off when its said " conceiving and keeping a safe bean"
and also just found out another friend is expecting in Feb and she announced it on FB - oh my gosh i thought and i pray all goes well, telling everyone like that is so not for me!!!!!!!!!!!
i have friend on a 10 week, 8 week, 6 week and 5 week countdown till they have their babies!!!!!!! cant wait so i have loads of new babies to hold!!!!!!!!
i guess at that time will be my true test of if im back to my "old self" and not fall to pieces!!!!!!!

lemontop Mon 01-Aug-11 09:29:00

Hi all and welcome philbee and kat

puzzletree wow I wonder what's going on? Do let us know when you find out!

catsycat best of luck!

mama glad your AF is nearly over. Have you moved yet? Glad you enjoyed the wedding.

I had a bit of a wobble over the weekend. I went out with DH for a meal. It was the first night out we've had together since March but I got really weepy so it was a pretty miserable meal. I don't think the wine helped so am going to take a leaf out of you brewtotallers book and give up booze for a while and try and get myself healthy and sort my head out a bit. DH has surprised me today with a trip to the theatre next Saturday so hopefully that will be a more positive experience.

rosalina72 Mon 01-Aug-11 12:22:33

Hi everyone. Hi and welcome to Philbee and Kat. I'm feeling a bit like you today lemontop. Just found out the lady opposite me at work is pregnant and she's parading showing her bump to some people here. It's made me feel really down right now. I just want the day to be over frankly sad

puzzletree Mon 01-Aug-11 16:12:26

Hello everyone. Back from hospital and it was all a bit of a waste of time really as they just did a urine test which was negative. But at least that means the miscarriage is over and my body should be returning to normal. Feeling pretty bloated today actually so perhaps AF is on her way, hope so, really want to crack on with TTC properly! Has anyone joined a TTC thread yet? I've never been on one before.
Sorry for those of you feeling down at the moment, keep talking here, we understand!

Catsycat Tue 02-Aug-11 11:23:48

Hi folks. Been busy over the weekend with some of DH's nieces visiting, and all the time not spent showing them round spent SWI!!!!! A bit gutted, as one of the DN's told me her sister is pg and due in December.

I know it's mean, but I really felt like I was more deserving of being pg than her. It is the first time I've felt resentful about someone else being pregnant since I had the mc. Possibly because her children are all very close in age to mine; DC1 is about 7 mos older than my DD1, and her DC2 is about 6 weeks younger than my DD2, and her DC3 is now due the month before I was due to have DC3. I also have a real problem with some of her parenting ideas, which IMO will really hold her children's education back. And she is 11 years younger than me, so I'm a bit gutted that I feel she has loads of time to have more kids, while my clock is ticking VERY LOUDLY!!!!! See, I am a total b*tch aren't I? sad

I am also really concerned that I am ovulating too late in my cycle to conceive successfully, and wondering if this was what went wrong with my mc. Trying to decide what to do about it.

mama5 glad you had a busy weekend and enjoyed the wedding.

lemontop nice to hear you've been out and about, we all have wobbles along the way, I think (having one now). What are you going to see at the theatre?

Puzzletree Well, that was a bit mysterious then! Hope you are OK, and get AF soon. I'm on a thread on the conception board called "Lets Make Some May Babies" (or something like that). Would put a link in if I could figure out how to do it!!!! It's quite a jolly bunch so come and join in if you fancy it!

puzzletree Tue 02-Aug-11 16:51:43

Hey there all. Hope you're feeling a bit better today Rosalina and lemontop? And mama philbee and Kat you're all doing ok too.

Catsycat, sorry you're feeling a bit envy of others but I think it's a natural reaction as I've definitely had that feeling initially when hearing of others who are due in february, especially when they choose to announce by excitedly posting a scan picture on facebook. But of course I'm happy for them too. Really hope I'm pregnant before february or I'm sure it'll be tough seeing all the new baby photos. Actually I had a weird moment today when I was eating lunch in a cafe with my boys. A group of heavily pregnant women arrived at the next table and were chatting quite loudly about how they were getting on. They were obviously all first timers and it gave me a flashback to a meet up I had with my antenatal group when we were all finally on mat leave and able to waddle to a nice cafe for lunch together before the babies arrived. We were all so excited and nervous about birth and babies, and I went into labour with my ds1 that night. Will never be quite like that again will it. But it'd still be amazing to have one more go at it all smile

Also just wondering what the link is that you mentioned between late ovulation and mc? I'm not really clued up on this stuff, am just assuming my miscarriage was a random problem with the baby or placenta.

Will go check out the May TTC thread. AF definitely here today, feeling positive that august 1st is a nice easy date to remember smile

Catsycat Tue 02-Aug-11 22:39:44

rosalina sorry you had a tough day yesterday - I hope today was better & that your colleague has calmed down a bit...

puzzletree. The link is a bit contentious by the look of it. It's to do with the production of progesterone, and the time taken for the fertilized egg to implant properly, and the amount of progesterone needed for the baby to grow. Brain is too tired to really explain it properly, and I did have a really good website open that explained it, but my browser crashed before I bookmarked it - now I can't find it again, grrrr!

Basically, if you have a short luteal phase (from ovulation to AF) the theory is that you may not have enough progesterone for the egg to implant OR for the pregnancy to be sustained for long. The average 28 day cycle would have ovulation at 14 days, so a 14 day luteal phase. A short luteal phase seems to be defined as anything under 12 or 10 days (opinion seems to be divided). Apologies if I have mangled the science a bit - I'm very tired right now!

I'm worried because my cycle was 28 days before DD1, then about 26 before DD2, now it is 23 days. AF came back after my ERPC after 22 days! I am charting this month, and haven't ovulated yet on day 12, CM is not really EWCM yet either. So even if I ov tomorrow, it will only be 11 days till AF is due IF I am still on a 23 day cycle. I know with the baby I lost, we didn't DTD till day 13 of my cycle, indicating I had a short luteal phase then too.

I guess I am still looking for answers as to why I mc, but am genuinely worried that this does seem to be a potential problem. It is really, really depressing!

rosalina72 Wed 03-Aug-11 06:39:20

Hi everyone. Catsycat, thankfully I work mostly from home so I don't have to see this woman that often. However, we've got a few pregnant family members and most of my friends have all gone on to have their seconds and thinking of thirds now! I'm just feeling a bit of bump envy!! I wish them all well obviously but I can't stop thinking that should have/would have been me.

So sorry you're worried about LP. I think mine has changed too over the years, getting shorter and at times erratic. No doubt this could affect conception and/or sustainability of the pregnancy. I'm more worried staying pregnant. I seem to conceive quite easily. But have had 2 mc and 1 birth. Not very good stats imo.

Did you have blood work done when you were miscarrying? Could you go back to EPU or your GP and ask to have your progesterone levels checked? I'm thinking of doing that. Also, a friend of mine who's been doing IVF told me it may be a good idea to take aspirin as she's been told it doesn't do any harm and can only help make the lining in the uterus a better place for implantation. Not sure how accurate that is but maybe it's worth asking your GP about this too?

I'm going to make an appointment with my GP and at least ask the questions in case I do need some assistance at least the ball is rolling. Like you my clock is ticking away and DS is getting older and don't want a huge age gap if I can help it.

puzzletree Wed 03-Aug-11 08:29:17

Thanks for explaining that Catsycat. Hope it turns out not to be an issue for you. Like you and Rosalina my cycles have definitely got more erratic too recently, they used to always be pretty consistently 28 days, heavy and painful, then after having the boys (I think I only had one or two periods between them) they were still regular but not quite as heavy and not painful. But over the last year they have been getting heavier and painful again, and ranged in duration from 25 to 30 days, I'd say most often being 26/27 days. Is this to do with age then? I'm 34 now.

Was actually logging on to ask those of you who've had AF post-MC, was it different to normal? Probably TMI but so far mine seems as heavy as normal, but a really weird consistency, sort of mucousy. Hope this isn't a problem and just an after effect of the MC.
Being female is so complicated at times!!

rosalina72 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:08:08

Hi Puzzle. I definitely think the changes are age related. I'm 38 and my periods have been getting shorter and lighter over the last few years (around 26/27 cycle and 3/4 days long . I'm still waiting for AF so I can't answer the consistency question. After the first mc I went straight onto the pill as the timing wasn't right for a baby so my periods virtually disappeared! The mucous thing is probably an after effect of mc as you say. If you're a bit concerned maybe speak with your GP though just to put your mind at rest.

Catsycat Wed 03-Aug-11 12:42:59

Puzzletree, my AF was very mucousy! Glad it wasn't just me - must be a mc thing I think.

Like Rosalina my periods have definitely got lighter and shorter, as well as having a much shorter cycle than when I was younger. I don't know if it is age related, or to do with having children, but I suspect age...

I never had any blood tests during my mc / pregnancy. The only ones I had were to cross-match my blood type in A&E, and I think they also did two others in A&E, but I think to do with haemoglobin (?) / blood loss rather than the pg itself.

I think I will go to my GP tomorrow and see what he says. He is very respectful of patients' opinions, so hoping he will hear me out and suggest something useful. I'm also worried about mc again (if I amazingly manage to get pg this month). I just got some progesterone cream to apply after ov, from Amazon - it arrived this morning and has a huge cancer warning on the side shock!!!! Scared of it now!!!! I might discuss the cream, aspirin and blood tests with my GP, just need to jump the hurdle of the appointments system and get in to see him now.

Oh, and I still don't appear to have ovulated.... day 13 now....

Mama5isalive Wed 03-Aug-11 12:59:39

hi all sorry i have been a bit caught up DH birthday on monday and had friends fly out on tues, and then i just chilled out while the dc all went swimming and then to the park, just was able to relax and me,dh and ds just slept!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my af was painful for 2 days but totally clot free and just dark! 5 days then finished but now my on my calculations im on a 32day cycle so 4 days more then my 28 day cycle before!!!!!! am i stupid i cant understand how to work out my luteal phase???????? and is it 14 days before your af date that you can get pregnant???????? duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i know but just need to know just in case!

Catsycat Wed 03-Aug-11 16:11:14

Hi mama5, glad you've been having a nice time. Ooops, looks like I've spread luteal phase paranoia!!! To work out your luteal phase, you need to know what day of your cycle you ovulated, you can chart temperatures each morning to work this out. The luteal phase is the number of days from ovulation to AF arriving. As you know, you have more chance of getting pregnant round the time you ovulate, and the average ovulation day is 14 days into the cycle, based on an average 28 day cycle, but this varies from person to person. So I suppose 14 days after the day AF starts would be a good guess for a lot of people, but you can work it out more accurately by charting. Hope this helps!

Mama5isalive Wed 03-Aug-11 18:33:28

oh thanks Catsycat - im too lazy to be charting ive never done it before and really cant be asked with it all!!!!!
i will enjoy my time spend with DH and if it happens then whoooooooopppppppp
im so glad for all of you who are ttc and i will have all crossed in may babies!
hope you all relax and dont get stressed about ovulations and temp and positions and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

lemontop Wed 03-Aug-11 22:28:35

rosalina sorry to hear about your day at work. It must be a nightmare having someone at work so in your face pregnant.

I have been avoiding meeting up with friends as everyone in my group of local mums is either pregnant or trying. I hadn't actually seen any of them so went to the park this morning but just didn't feel like socializing so made heat-related excuse and left! I'm still feeling pretty rotten to be honest. Just can't be bothered to meet up with anyone. Have vague plans to meet pregnant friend tomorrow (argh!) and another friend on Friday. Will try and make an effort and not chicken out this time.

Don't want to sound all negative. I actually had a lovely day with my DS.

Interesting stuff about luteal phases and cycles. I am pretty in the dark about all this to be honest.

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