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Dealing with PGP after mc and before trying again - anyone?

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philbee Sun 17-Jul-11 18:09:25

I had bad pelvic girdle pain symptoms which came on at 9 weeks in this last pregnancy. I miscarried at 12 weeks, and symptoms have subsided. But the Pelvic Partnership information says that PGP is usually an underlying pelvic problem which is exacerbated by pregnancy. I want to try to sort this out before trying again so that if I got pg again hopefully I wouldn't be incapacitated so quickly and could stay active longer. Just wondering if anyone else has done this, and whether NHS was any help. I don't want to have to go to GP if they are going to refuse to refer me as am fed up with health service interaction at the moment. But if they might I'll try it.

Catsycat Mon 18-Jul-11 16:18:08

Hi, I had PGP during all three pgs, the last one ended with a mc at 10.5 weeks, but had already started having the telltale twinges... With DD1 I went to a physio, and was told that I had one hip weaker than the other which was putting pressure on my pelvis. I was given a support belt and leaflet of exercises, and sent on my way. The belt was some help, but the exercises didn't help at all. Between DD1 and DD2, I went to another physio in the same department (who felt I had a problem in my lower back, not my pelvis, despite what the other physio had said), but again, found it didn't help.

Late on in my pg with DD2, I went to see an osteopath. I felt like I'd been beaten with a steak hammer after the first session, then the next day we were in Tesco, and I suddenly realised I was happily walking round the shop, pushing a trolley, with no pain for the first time in weeks! I had sessions every couple of weeks up to the birth, then one postnatally, and it really helped me, though more as a short term solution.

I was thinking of seeing the osteopath during my last pg, then I found out I was going to mc. However, I am still getting pain (had to limp across the room holding my crotch this morning!!!) , so might go back and see her.

Our local hospital do a physio-led exercise class for back problems - it involves a lot of core work, so may actually help with pelvic pain. I gave up my place after a couple of weeks - I got onto the course just as I got pg with DD2, and felt really nervous starting a new exercise regime when pg. Maybe there is a similar thing near you? I did feel that PGP was seen more as a pregnancy issue though.

Not sure this will have helped, but I hope you can sort something out, as PGP is no fun. sad

philbee Tue 19-Jul-11 15:50:14

Thank you. There is a physio led pilates antenatal class but i mcd at 12 weeks, so i never got to it. I really want to try to sort it out now before i (hopefully) get pg again because i find i get very stressed if i can't exercise.

I've contacted a sports physio who i saw with a knee problem a while ago and he says he's had experience of treating PGP so I'll see if he can help. But we live a train ride away from the British School of Osteopathy, so if the physio doesn't do much maybe i'll try there. Thanks.

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