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Anyone not waited for AF before TTC after mc?

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cleanandclothed Wed 13-Jul-11 13:27:13

Am currently waiting for my medically managed mmc to happen. Have taken first drug and nothing happened yet. Growth stopped at 5 weeks so v early. Hospital were very good and mentioned waiting for 'proper' AF before TTC - but also mentioned that it may not be necessary and they wouldn't be surprised if guidelines in this area changed soon. Am keen to get pregnant again as soon as possible - any views/experiences?

Catsycat Wed 13-Jul-11 14:26:11

I'd also like to hear any experiences on this...

Sorry you are going through this too clean. Hope you are feeling as OK as you can with the mmc.

LIG1979 Wed 13-Jul-11 14:58:31

Hello - I did not wait after finding no real evidence that not waiting would have an adverse impact. I think if you do get pg before your 1st AF the risk of a chemical pregnancy or very early miscarriage is higher if you body isn't ready to try again but after 5 weeks or so your risk is the same as it would be if you waited.

For me, after getting a positive OPK, then lots of SWI, I got a temperature rise indicating ovulation, I then got an AF about 12 days later. It was very light and dark brown - sorry if that is TMI but I think to me it was a signal my body wasn't 100% recovered. Often the 1st cycle is annovulatory and your body will reject it if it is too early so I would say there is no harm in trying but don't be dissapointed if it doesn't happen.

Lots of people do get pregnant before the 1st AF and it works out fine. However, I am not a doctor although I did spend alot of time looking for an scientific studies into this and couldn't find anything. (The only thing I found was that if you get pg within 6 months of a miscarriage the chances of it going to term is higher than after 6 months because of the 'apparent' post-mc fertility. I am really hoping this is true!)

Good luck x x

Catsycat Wed 13-Jul-11 16:23:49

Thank you LIG. That was really helpful.

Looks like I'll be waiting anyway as have just found out I have a bladder infection, probably from being catheterised for my ERPC sad I will just have to be patient!!!

cleanandclothed Wed 13-Jul-11 17:44:26

Thanks LIG. Good luck to both of you.

InsomniaQueen Sat 16-Jul-11 01:54:47

Hi to all - had a mc at 5 weeks (first week if June) just found out am pg again. Was advised to use 'other sources if contraception' and wait one cycle before trying again. Had been trying for 6 months with mc and so assumed would be about the same wait again. In the 'passion of the moment' DH and I forgot about our advise but genuinely didn't think anything would happen......hey presto BFP!!!

Dr. has assured me this is fine (this one was very sympathetic and helpful the rest of the practice seem to be trolls) - only issue now is dates.....personally I'm more bothered that baby is developing at all than what the dates are but have been referred for an 'urgent dating scan' to see how far along things are. Now have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for appointment - this doesn't seem very urgent but hey what do I know when I'm lying awake at night worrying that it's going to happen all over again....not because of the lack of AF but more because of the previous mc!!!

Have found the biggest issue with being pg this quickly is the reaction of the nhs.....which has been poor for the most part. Dr seem very unbothered by my anxiety - giving me the 1 in 4 speech numerous times, EPU unit have no interest in helping to give any assurance as I'm not bleeding or in pain ect. luckily for me I have a very good DH who has booked me in to see a Dr at a private clinic - seems that if you want peace of mind you have to fork out for very disappointing, considering the fact I contribute to the system and assumed that the system would be there for me when I needed it. I just feel awful that not everyone in my situation could afford this expense - at over 100 it isn't bloody cheap and makes a mockery of so many things I believe in eg free health care!!!

Being brutally honest I don't think the system is geared up to support people who have had less than 3 mc under 35 or more than one over 40. Whether you wait or don't wait I don't think you will be given much of anything before 8 weeks (where some Dr's will refer you for a reassurance scan) so be fully prepared for the longest 8 weeks of your life.....this isn't to put anyone off but I had assumed that I would get a lot more 'looking after' this time round!!! Whatever you choose - make sure you have a supportive partner as the mentalling this side of the BFP is equal to the mentalling done whilst waiting for BFP and can be extreme. Have a few days of leave to hand if possible to take if things get too much at work. Try to keep a positive head on (it's bloody hard but do try) and if all else fails join in one of the "mc now TTC threads" and unload with the lovely ladies there - it will be a major help!!!

Hope this lengthy post helps!!!

Catsycat Sat 16-Jul-11 09:47:32

Thanks InsomniaQueen, that does help. Sorry you've met with such unhelpful attitudes from medical personnel. I hope you can stay strong, and that it gets easier to relax as the pg goes on (I'm sure I'm going to be a crazy woman for the full 9 months next time, so if you can relax, please tell me how!).

Take care, and thanks for sharing your experience. x

philbee Sat 16-Jul-11 21:10:57

I've been thinking about this too, as nurse said to me after my post-mc scan yesterday that between mc and first AF you are often very fertile, but then said we should use contraception until after first AF. Is it only because of the dating that they recommend waiting, or is there another reason?

InsomniaQueen Sat 16-Jul-11 21:53:54

philbee was told the same - reasons given were for dating and to "let things settle down".....this I think was more because I was in floods of tears at the time. I have not heard anything about you having an increased risk of mc following on from another.....but then I'm not an expert!! The nice Dr I spoke to said that it was fine and the only issue was dating for which they can give you a scan to sort out and she said that if your body wasn't ready to go again you simply wouldn't have gotten pg!!

This made me feel much better and I now have an appointment in a few weeks so all told the only thing to think about is how you feel. Do you feel ready to go again? Would you prefer sometime to enjoy DH? Enjoy some non pg activities? Relax and spoil yourself for a little while?

I actually thought it would take time so spent a month spoiling myself with massages, manicures, time off work ect and focused on my self and my relationship with DH.....ended up pg anyway so you just have to think about your body and what you think your ready for.


puzzletree Sun 17-Jul-11 09:57:19

Hi all, the nurse who spoke with us at the EPU after scan to confirm the miscarriage said we could start TTC as soon as we felt ready ie straight away if we wanted. She said to carry on taking folic acid and eating iron rich foods regardless of whether TTC or not. I think we'll wait until after a period before trying again, because I feel that at 9 weeks the miscarriage has taken a bit of a toll on my body and I want to feel fully recovered first, and DP wants to feel emotionally ready too.

whatsoever Mon 18-Jul-11 16:29:47

I had a MMC (baby stopped developing at 8 - 9 weeks) discovered at my 12 week scan at the end of May. I had an ERPC and was told we could start TTC again as soon as the bleeding had stopped and we felt emotionally ready.

The bleeding trickled on for quite a while so we only actually managed to DTD once before my AF arrived but I haven't seen any real evidence for waiting. A few people have mentionrd to me that your uterus lining won't be strong enough in the first month but as it is broken down every month with your AF I honestly can't see the difference between that and an ERPC or natural MC.

Hope whatever you decide to do you get a BFP soon.

cleanandclothed Mon 18-Jul-11 18:08:10

Thanks so much everyone. Now just have to wait for the bleeding to stop. Cant believe it might go on for 2 weeks!

Ba8y1 Mon 18-Jul-11 19:44:07

I had an mc at 6 weeks last year and got pg straight afterwards with no intervening period. They dated me on scans and DS is now 5 mo old!
I think it is only a problem if you lose a lot of blood and become anaemic post mc or if there are other medical contraindications. As philbee said I think you are much more fertile for the first few months post an mc and if you don't mind not having an LMP date go for it! - best of luck with everything and so sorry about your mc.

farfallarocks Tue 19-Jul-11 13:04:24

I had a miscarriage about 3 weeks ago, earlyish at around 5/6 weeks.
Nurse at the EPU was incredibly sweet and helpful and said we could start as soon as we were both ready.

We discussed it and started straight away once the bleeding stopped.
FX for a BFP this month, who knows!

InsomniaQueen, I am focusing on your story!

muzzy2011 Tue 19-Jul-11 20:10:56

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, started trying again as soon as bleeding stopped. BFN first month but BFP the month after! Now 22 weeks.
Good luck.

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